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IdTownPlayerXYTown score ▾Player scoreAllyDistance
2699ısatanbul4 attacked playerpendık528514536546384TURKIYE CUMHURIYETI31.3
2440TRABZON f attacked playerMollabey474473593823660LYNX37.5
3261Seri bi Şekilde-55 only one grepolis town attacked player7ege751652359765976LYNX28.0
2237Becker16 attacked playerBecker075224716184192501OLYMPUS II NEW36.4
1802poseidon attacked playerksklirazy529471641135188BEŞ YILDIZ41.0
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1110monaroza attacked playerTHE KARŞIYAKA4805246844124740OLYMPUS31.2
853Anarchos attacked playerTHE KARŞIYAKA5025257183124740OLYMPUS25.1
896GANDALF attacked playerSherlock44506520773488204OLYMPUS II NEW20.9
1313Ampul-4 attacked playerksklirazy522471776735188BEŞ YILDIZ36.4
162CAMEL attacked playerTHE KARŞIYAKA4955267950124740OLYMPUS26.5
428alastis attacked playerTHE KARŞIYAKA4895298061124740OLYMPUS31.0
3557Sivas Uygarlığı attacked playerMR.ZARA52947183062515557.ALAY41.0
119KARŞIYAKA attacked playerTHE KARŞIYAKA4955268763124740OLYMPUS26.5
431Swings attacked playerkaramuratım499488879282925OLYMPUS II NEW12.0
1057Chivas RegaL attacked playerTHE KARŞIYAKA4805249016124740OLYMPUS31.2
818ARAGORN attacked playerSherlock44506520902788204OLYMPUS II NEW20.9
272gnr17 01 attacked playerSherlock44493512912488204OLYMPUS II NEW13.9
279KÜTAHYA attacked playerokumuss43495493920846582OLYMPUS III NEW8.6
1063GIMLI attacked playerSherlock444935121009188204OLYMPUS II NEW13.9
222Yufka attacked playerkaramuratım5014931027082925OLYMPUS II NEW7.1
1825kıyakadam ADA 2 attacked playerSOTECI5064751036245317OLYMPUS II NEW25.7
312ROHAN attacked playerSherlock445025251056088204OLYMPUS II NEW25.1
3639SOTECI attacked playerSOTECI5034771062445317OLYMPUS II NEW23.2
602AAAA attacked playeraalll49849711353125773OLYMPUS II NEW3.6
2262savaşçı turk 3 attacked playersavaşçı türk47349411628179877OLYMPUS II NEW27.7
871S=6 attacked playerSOTECI4794841169245317OLYMPUS II NEW26.4
1082MasoN attacked playerTHE KARŞIYAKA48350811693124740OLYMPUS18.8
216344 EMMOĞLU attacked playerKaraFilozof4984991208358958OLYMPUS II NEW2.2
142tabutta karadul attacked playertabutta rövaşata5014931218523826OLYMPUS III NEW7.1
699Becker09 attacked playerBecker0751748312830192501OLYMPUS II NEW24.0
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211654 BARON attacked playerKaraFilozof5064971311958958OLYMPUS II NEW6.7
2744savaşçı türk adlı oyun. şehri attacked playersavaşçı türk52851413308179877OLYMPUS II NEW31.3
1004DDDD attacked playeraalll50252514143125773OLYMPUS II NEW25.1
474AAAA 2 attacked playeraalll50149314437125773OLYMPUS II NEW7.1
1032Becker10 attacked playerBecker0752047614986192501OLYMPUS II NEW31.2
32155 BARONES attacked playerKaraFilozof5085001763958958OLYMPUS II NEW8.0

Players list: pendık; Mollabey; 7ege7; Becker07; ksklirazy; THE KARŞIYAKA; Sherlock44; MR.ZARA; karamuratım; okumuss43; SOTECI; aalll; savaşçı türk; KaraFilozof; tabutta rövaşata
[town]2699[/town] 5365pts [player]pendık[/player] 528/514 31.3
[town]2440[/town] 5938pts [player]Mollabey[/player] 474/473 37.5
[town]3261[/town] 5976pts [player]7ege7[/player] 516/523 28.0
[town]2237[/town] 6184pts [player]Becker07[/player] 522/471 36.4
[town]1802[/town] 6411pts [player]ksklirazy[/player] 529/471 41.0
[town]1110[/town] 6844pts [player]THE KARŞIYAKA[/player] 480/524 31.2
[town]853[/town] 7183pts [player]THE KARŞIYAKA[/player] 502/525 25.1
[town]896[/town] 7734pts [player]Sherlock44[/player] 506/520 20.9
[town]1313[/town] 7767pts [player]ksklirazy[/player] 522/471 36.4
[town]162[/town] 7950pts [player]THE KARŞIYAKA[/player] 495/526 26.5
[town]428[/town] 8061pts [player]THE KARŞIYAKA[/player] 489/529 31.0
[town]3557[/town] 8306pts [player]MR.ZARA[/player] 529/471 41.0
[town]119[/town] 8763pts [player]THE KARŞIYAKA[/player] 495/526 26.5
[town]431[/town] 8792pts [player]karamuratım[/player] 499/488 12.0
[town]1057[/town] 9016pts [player]THE KARŞIYAKA[/player] 480/524 31.2
[town]818[/town] 9027pts [player]Sherlock44[/player] 506/520 20.9
[town]272[/town] 9124pts [player]Sherlock44[/player] 493/512 13.9
[town]279[/town] 9208pts [player]okumuss43[/player] 495/493 8.6
[town]1063[/town] 10091pts [player]Sherlock44[/player] 493/512 13.9
[town]222[/town] 10270pts [player]karamuratım[/player] 501/493 7.1
[town]1825[/town] 10362pts [player]SOTECI[/player] 506/475 25.7
[town]312[/town] 10560pts [player]Sherlock44[/player] 502/525 25.1
[town]3639[/town] 10624pts [player]SOTECI[/player] 503/477 23.2
[town]602[/town] 11353pts [player]aalll[/player] 498/497 3.6
[town]2262[/town] 11628pts [player]savaşçı türk[/player] 473/494 27.7
[town]871[/town] 11692pts [player]SOTECI[/player] 479/484 26.4
[town]1082[/town] 11693pts [player]THE KARŞIYAKA[/player] 483/508 18.8
[town]2163[/town] 12083pts [player]KaraFilozof[/player] 498/499 2.2
[town]142[/town] 12185pts [player]tabutta rövaşata[/player] 501/493 7.1
[town]699[/town] 12830pts [player]Becker07[/player] 517/483 24.0
[town]2116[/town] 13119pts [player]KaraFilozof[/player] 506/497 6.7
[town]2744[/town] 13308pts [player]savaşçı türk[/player] 528/514 31.3
[town]1004[/town] 14143pts [player]aalll[/player] 502/525 25.1
[town]474[/town] 14437pts [player]aalll[/player] 501/493 7.1
[town]1032[/town] 14986pts [player]Becker07[/player] 520/476 31.2
[town]321[/town] 17639pts [player]KaraFilozof[/player] 508/500 8.0

. = This player has only one town so his academy might not be well developed.

. = This player has lost some points during the last week and may be inactive.

. = This player is inactive or in vacation mode.

Note: The "radius" of search is "square", so if X = 400 and Y = 500, for a radius of 10, the search will take place in a square area with X between 390 and 410 and Y between 490 and 510. Consequently, a radius of 50, covers a whole sea.