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IdTownPlayerXYTown score ▾Player scoreAllyDistance
27556O54.02.009Whitewiz529484553854052Black Empire Kings33.1
736Abderajwest19704874981106079237Dumbo Gumbo13.2
382Eridu 3.0jwest19704884901106179237Dumbo Gumbo15.6
398. Hello friendGame Error48849011627152848Foxxs Lunch Special15.6
27936Vesper Lyndmr godsword4934821180966538Todays Lunch Special19.3
29576NakamuraNolable4884801203965279Todds Tank23.3
152Kaz ModanNolable4974861221765279Todds Tank14.3
24812Morning Smilemr godsword4854811261766538Todays Lunch Special24.2
281691. Liquid Sunmr godsword4934821277966538Todays Lunch Special19.3
1058Dog FightGame Error52951613131152848Foxxs Lunch Special33.1
888Hellespontjwest19704815021318879237Dumbo Gumbo19.1
2964055-Reaper City VIImrdean00951952513212166000Foxxs Lunch Special31.4
751555 Lonesome BR ON sleepingKandriaR5255231355419110---34.0
353Roid Zues's cityjwest19704884901400479237Dumbo Gumbo15.6
941W St Valentinemr godsword4905261464066538Todays Lunch Special27.9
281481. Vitamin Seamr godsword4934821469366538Todays Lunch Special19.3
2808155-Reaper City Vmrdean00951952514742166000Foxxs Lunch Special31.4
157454 Jaguar sleepingK-5125294841477725469Virus33.1
5903MoriaNolable5104861519465279Todds Tank17.2
43955-Reaper City VIIImrdean00951050315483166000Foxxs Lunch Special10.4

Players list: Whitewiz; jwest1970; Game Error; mr godsword; Nolable; mrdean009; KandriaR; K-512
[town]27556[/town] 5538pts [player]Whitewiz[/player] 529/484 33.1
[town]736[/town] 11060pts [player]jwest1970[/player] 487/498 13.2
[town]382[/town] 11061pts [player]jwest1970[/player] 488/490 15.6
[town]398[/town] 11627pts [player]Game Error[/player] 488/490 15.6
[town]27936[/town] 11809pts [player]mr godsword[/player] 493/482 19.3
[town]29576[/town] 12039pts [player]Nolable[/player] 488/480 23.3
[town]152[/town] 12217pts [player]Nolable[/player] 497/486 14.3
[town]24812[/town] 12617pts [player]mr godsword[/player] 485/481 24.2
[town]28169[/town] 12779pts [player]mr godsword[/player] 493/482 19.3
[town]1058[/town] 13131pts [player]Game Error[/player] 529/516 33.1
[town]888[/town] 13188pts [player]jwest1970[/player] 481/502 19.1
[town]29640[/town] 13212pts [player]mrdean009[/player] 519/525 31.4
[town]7515[/town] 13554pts [player]KandriaR[/player] 525/523 34.0
[town]353[/town] 14004pts [player]jwest1970[/player] 488/490 15.6
[town]941[/town] 14640pts [player]mr godsword[/player] 490/526 27.9
[town]28148[/town] 14693pts [player]mr godsword[/player] 493/482 19.3
[town]28081[/town] 14742pts [player]mrdean009[/player] 519/525 31.4
[town]1574[/town] 14777pts [player]K-512[/player] 529/484 33.1
[town]5903[/town] 15194pts [player]Nolable[/player] 510/486 17.2
[town]439[/town] 15483pts [player]mrdean009[/player] 510/503 10.4

. = This player has only one town so his academy might not be well developed.

. = This player has lost some points during the last week and may be inactive.

. = This player is inactive or in vacation mode.

Note: The "radius" of search is "square", so if X = 400 and Y = 500, for a radius of 10, the search will take place in a square area with X between 390 and 410 and Y between 490 and 510. Consequently, a radius of 50, covers a whole sea.