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IdTownPlayerXYTown score ▾Player scoreAllyDistance
29291EdamamusEdward Lehman529503668455475S.P.Q.R. I29.2
3105455-10Logan it is5075198117177453S.P.Q.R. II20.2
33445 WEAZ 1.002bhoweaz4925068296126495S.P.Q.R. II10.0
32707MoonrakerAscotvale506504849795603S.P.Q.R. II7.2
1707145 EUBA 1.000bhoweaz4955148858126495S.P.Q.R. II14.9
19255 Weaz 1.000bhoweaz5065148941126495S.P.Q.R. II15.2
126MarioLogan it is5035169606177453S.P.Q.R. II16.3
18647O45 06Logan it is4875099655177453S.P.Q.R. II15.8
23769O45 02Logan it is4885129960177453S.P.Q.R. II17.0
28858O45 07Logan it is49550910052177453S.P.Q.R. II10.3
638Logan it is's cityLogan it is50252810285177453S.P.Q.R. II28.1
2751TheocityLogan it is51749410348177453S.P.Q.R. II18.0
29Vipor121's cityLogan it is50450710405177453S.P.Q.R. II8.1
187BlueLogan it is50651411303177453S.P.Q.R. II15.2
16664Eubea-3Mike-725045071197763188S.P.Q.R. II8.1
28417Eubea-4Mike-725154901252663188S.P.Q.R. II18.0
16580Eubea-2Mike-725135011271963188S.P.Q.R. II13.0
33351Eubea-5Mike-725065061290663188S.P.Q.R. II8.5
211Eubea-1Mike-724994891306063188S.P.Q.R. II11.0
7441don411's cityLogan it is48551713218177453S.P.Q.R. II22.7
458Immortal city 4Logan it is50651413326177453S.P.Q.R. II15.2
575Stella Palace sleepingdavid b035025281345766466S.P.Q.R.28.1
716Fosters sleepingTitanium concrete4994891469292259---11.0
140bojanbgd sleepingdavid b035154901490666466S.P.Q.R.18.0
31817Dogfish Head sleepingTitanium concrete5285171508592259---32.8
94Front lines - EScarletboom51350115748175876S.P.Q.R. II13.0
17807Panthertigri V sleepingdavid b035164871587266466S.P.Q.R.20.6
2334Diamonte sleepingGame Error5154901623172495S.P.Q.R. I18.0

Players list: Edward Lehman; Logan it is; bhoweaz; Ascotvale; Mike-72; david b03; Titanium concrete; Scarletboom; Game Error
[town]29291[/town] 6684pts [player]Edward Lehman[/player] 529/503 29.2
[town]31054[/town] 8117pts [player]Logan it is[/player] 507/519 20.2
[town]334[/town] 8296pts [player]bhoweaz[/player] 492/506 10.0
[town]32707[/town] 8497pts [player]Ascotvale[/player] 506/504 7.2
[town]17071[/town] 8858pts [player]bhoweaz[/player] 495/514 14.9
[town]192[/town] 8941pts [player]bhoweaz[/player] 506/514 15.2
[town]126[/town] 9606pts [player]Logan it is[/player] 503/516 16.3
[town]18647[/town] 9655pts [player]Logan it is[/player] 487/509 15.8
[town]23769[/town] 9960pts [player]Logan it is[/player] 488/512 17.0
[town]28858[/town] 10052pts [player]Logan it is[/player] 495/509 10.3
[town]638[/town] 10285pts [player]Logan it is[/player] 502/528 28.1
[town]2751[/town] 10348pts [player]Logan it is[/player] 517/494 18.0
[town]29[/town] 10405pts [player]Logan it is[/player] 504/507 8.1
[town]187[/town] 11303pts [player]Logan it is[/player] 506/514 15.2
[town]16664[/town] 11977pts [player]Mike-72[/player] 504/507 8.1
[town]28417[/town] 12526pts [player]Mike-72[/player] 515/490 18.0
[town]16580[/town] 12719pts [player]Mike-72[/player] 513/501 13.0
[town]33351[/town] 12906pts [player]Mike-72[/player] 506/506 8.5
[town]211[/town] 13060pts [player]Mike-72[/player] 499/489 11.0
[town]7441[/town] 13218pts [player]Logan it is[/player] 485/517 22.7
[town]458[/town] 13326pts [player]Logan it is[/player] 506/514 15.2
[town]575[/town] 13457pts [player]david b03[/player] 502/528 28.1
[town]716[/town] 14692pts [player]Titanium concrete[/player] 499/489 11.0
[town]140[/town] 14906pts [player]david b03[/player] 515/490 18.0
[town]31817[/town] 15085pts [player]Titanium concrete[/player] 528/517 32.8
[town]94[/town] 15748pts [player]Scarletboom[/player] 513/501 13.0
[town]17807[/town] 15872pts [player]david b03[/player] 516/487 20.6
[town]2334[/town] 16231pts [player]Game Error[/player] 515/490 18.0

. = This player has only one town so his academy might not be well developed.

. = This player has lost some points during the last week and may be inactive.

. = This player is inactive or in vacation mode.

Note: The "radius" of search is "square", so if X = 400 and Y = 500, for a radius of 10, the search will take place in a square area with X between 390 and 410 and Y between 490 and 510. Consequently, a radius of 50, covers a whole sea.