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IdTownPlayerXYTown score ▾Player scoreAllyDistance
13386Dionysus the Cat-Trap's city only one grepolis town attacked playerDionysus the Cat-Trap48347270107010Iampeacefull32.8
1096Legion II attacked playerDu Karr4994767046147278War Mode24.0
12712VladTheImpalerIX's city 2 attacked playerVladTheImpalerIX4744927371115126Beer is Good27.2
1793BP Donation Center attacked playerDu Karr5115077412147278War Mode13.0
12757CURT 4 attacked playercurt the conqurer2499476748926242Morgo's Maniacs24.0
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166644-Farscape only one grepolis town attacked playerbhzeek49149177847784---12.7
2021Patriot attacked playerSouthern Knight499476783847928South Sea Raiders24.0
1075255.01 Betrayal attacked playerCastigate5235007953184114War Mode23.0
2332Karr Garrison attacked playerDu Karr5094828146147278War Mode20.1
380Bunket's city attacked playerSavage Squid4824968696193512MULLINGAN'S WARRIORS18.4
1152Legion III attacked playerDu Karr5254868803147278War Mode28.7
1410Legion XII attacked playerDu Karr5044718826147278War Mode29.3
11513Savage Squid's city 3 attacked playerSavage Squid4824969040193512MULLINGAN'S WARRIORS18.4
8890Last Outpost attacked playerDu Karr4985069119147278War Mode6.3
2451Behind Enemy Lines attacked playerDu Karr5145059397147278War Mode14.9
10484Outpost1 attacked playerJad1392525515979535327NYMWASOB29.2
9476ramdog's city attacked playerramdog4744849854134967The True EIite30.5
1211Heard The Word Beer attacked playerGiGitty47448810005131502Beer is Good28.6
10983Skully7's city attacked playerSkully747649911631181480The True EIite24.0
646Skully L attacked playerSkully747550311642181480The True EIite25.2
1145Heard U have Beer attacked playerGiGitty47449211790131502Beer is Good27.2
466Budweiser attacked player-SF-50849412083124023War Mode10.0
102555411 Kraven attacked playerMackData50948212090177647War Mode20.1
134154 - Ranier Station attacked playerGreyDawg52548612100186620The True EIite28.7
464Amstel attacked player-SF-51550112169124023War Mode15.0
32144 - Liberty Bay attacked playerjmayo73124894951218113373---12.1
12364Skully7's city 3 attacked playerSkully747550312346181480The True EIite25.2
261744 Hoth attacked playercsancho47448412369169103MULLINGAN'S WARRIORS30.5
90845 Mustafar attacked playercsancho47150512643169103MULLINGAN'S WARRIORS29.4
26565405 Electro attacked playerMackData52549113166177647War Mode26.6
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205044 Coruscant attacked playercsancho47549413524169103MULLINGAN'S WARRIORS25.7
367Highstorm attacked playerSavage Squid48249613759193512MULLINGAN'S WARRIORS18.4
120644 Tatooine attacked playercsancho47449213899169103MULLINGAN'S WARRIORS27.2
83044 Yavin attacked playercsancho47549414011169103MULLINGAN'S WARRIORS25.7
1227555 - Elliott Bay attacked playerGreyDawg50052514079186620The True EIite25.0
11242Skully7's city 2 attacked playerSkully748250214262181480The True EIite18.1
4515402 Black Cat attacked playerMackData50849414459177647War Mode10.0
9050O55-Gold Mine attacked playersleeperagent5055011450785651Morgo's Maniacs5.1
46545 - Dawg Pound attacked playerGreyDawg48250215002186620The True EIite18.1
5655404 Doc Ock attacked playerMackData50649015452177647War Mode11.7
14185408 Hammerhead attacked playerMackData51647416290177647War Mode30.5

Players list: Dionysus the Cat-Trap; Du Karr; VladTheImpalerIX; curt the conqurer2; bhzeek; Southern Knight; Castigate; Savage Squid; Jad1392; ramdog; GiGitty; Skully7; -SF-; MackData; GreyDawg; jmayo7312; csancho; sleeperagent
[town]13386[/town] 7010pts [player]Dionysus the Cat-Trap[/player] 483/472 32.8
[town]1096[/town] 7046pts [player]Du Karr[/player] 499/476 24.0
[town]12712[/town] 7371pts [player]VladTheImpalerIX[/player] 474/492 27.2
[town]1793[/town] 7412pts [player]Du Karr[/player] 511/507 13.0
[town]12757[/town] 7489pts [player]curt the conqurer2[/player] 499/476 24.0
[town]1666[/town] 7784pts [player]bhzeek[/player] 491/491 12.7
[town]2021[/town] 7838pts [player]Southern Knight[/player] 499/476 24.0
[town]10752[/town] 7953pts [player]Castigate[/player] 523/500 23.0
[town]2332[/town] 8146pts [player]Du Karr[/player] 509/482 20.1
[town]380[/town] 8696pts [player]Savage Squid[/player] 482/496 18.4
[town]1152[/town] 8803pts [player]Du Karr[/player] 525/486 28.7
[town]1410[/town] 8826pts [player]Du Karr[/player] 504/471 29.3
[town]11513[/town] 9040pts [player]Savage Squid[/player] 482/496 18.4
[town]8890[/town] 9119pts [player]Du Karr[/player] 498/506 6.3
[town]2451[/town] 9397pts [player]Du Karr[/player] 514/505 14.9
[town]10484[/town] 9795pts [player]Jad1392[/player] 525/515 29.2
[town]9476[/town] 9854pts [player]ramdog[/player] 474/484 30.5
[town]1211[/town] 10005pts [player]GiGitty[/player] 474/488 28.6
[town]10983[/town] 11631pts [player]Skully7[/player] 476/499 24.0
[town]646[/town] 11642pts [player]Skully7[/player] 475/503 25.2
[town]1145[/town] 11790pts [player]GiGitty[/player] 474/492 27.2
[town]466[/town] 12083pts [player]-SF-[/player] 508/494 10.0
[town]10255[/town] 12090pts [player]MackData[/player] 509/482 20.1
[town]1341[/town] 12100pts [player]GreyDawg[/player] 525/486 28.7
[town]464[/town] 12169pts [player]-SF-[/player] 515/501 15.0
[town]321[/town] 12181pts [player]jmayo7312[/player] 489/495 12.1
[town]12364[/town] 12346pts [player]Skully7[/player] 475/503 25.2
[town]2617[/town] 12369pts [player]csancho[/player] 474/484 30.5
[town]908[/town] 12643pts [player]csancho[/player] 471/505 29.4
[town]2656[/town] 13166pts [player]MackData[/player] 525/491 26.6
[town]2050[/town] 13524pts [player]csancho[/player] 475/494 25.7
[town]367[/town] 13759pts [player]Savage Squid[/player] 482/496 18.4
[town]1206[/town] 13899pts [player]csancho[/player] 474/492 27.2
[town]830[/town] 14011pts [player]csancho[/player] 475/494 25.7
[town]12275[/town] 14079pts [player]GreyDawg[/player] 500/525 25.0
[town]11242[/town] 14262pts [player]Skully7[/player] 482/502 18.1
[town]451[/town] 14459pts [player]MackData[/player] 508/494 10.0
[town]9050[/town] 14507pts [player]sleeperagent[/player] 505/501 5.1
[town]465[/town] 15002pts [player]GreyDawg[/player] 482/502 18.1
[town]565[/town] 15452pts [player]MackData[/player] 506/490 11.7
[town]1418[/town] 16290pts [player]MackData[/player] 516/474 30.5

. = This player has only one town so his academy might not be well developed.

. = This player has lost some points during the last week and may be inactive.

. = This player is inactive or in vacation mode.

Note: The "radius" of search is "square", so if X = 400 and Y = 500, for a radius of 10, the search will take place in a square area with X between 390 and 410 and Y between 490 and 510. Consequently, a radius of 50, covers a whole sea.