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IdTownPlayerXYTown score ▾Player scoreAllyDistance
3636Buffys zz24 only one grepolis town attacked playerbuffysara49852557335733---25.1
165154-03 PoRevCy2 attacked playerYves690055164715976119473No fears No tears33.1
3658003*zz24*44Jadzia - Dax471479622138803So Low35.8
177944-03 Fin2s Kingdom attacked playerYves690054744866318119473No fears No tears29.5
9054-02 Pentliczek255 attacked playerYves690055044947133119473No fears No tears7.2
3664DEV 44.02.02DEVJO4824817643105994NIPSCHI26.2
94654.5-HELLAS attacked playerTorad521476803995756No fears No tears31.9
131455.1-Arganlove attacked playerTorad504514875495756No fears No tears14.6
519Led Zeppelin attacked playerMagnarox4895209232121453No fears No tears22.8
7144.1-Annielove attacked playerTorad493497925295756No fears No tears7.6
2938DEV 44.01.01DEVJO4744729599105994NIPSCHI38.2
37354.2-Lilian Zeubi attacked playerTorad502489965395756No fears No tears11.2
73154.4-neozlove attacked playerTorad521476990695756No fears No tears31.9
1858Meatloaf attacked playerMagnarox52448310285121453No fears No tears29.4
4078albertino adriano's city 7 attacked playeralbertino adriano49852510302121338No fears No tears25.1
2939DEV 44.01.02DEVJO47447210520105994NIPSCHI38.2
25154.1-cloclolove attacked playerTorad5024891067495756No fears No tears11.2
4019albertino adriano's city 3 attacked playeralbertino adriano49852510829121338No fears No tears25.1
24554.3-Wakka Yeaaaaah attacked playerTorad5024891087695756No fears No tears11.2
2465001*zz24*44Jadzia - Dax4744721115538803So Low38.2
143Judas Priest attacked playerMagnarox50949911253121453No fears No tears9.1
785Three attacked playerkook4714791141685431cookoonest35.8
454Jethro Tull attacked playerMagnarox51652011594121453No fears No tears25.6
21555-02 Lanc11's city attacked playerYves6900550451411902119473No fears No tears14.6
4603O45 0001 XVXmojomoxtin4755051229824165PARABELLUM X25.5
69554-01 attacked playerYves6900550248914067119473No fears No tears11.2
13355-01 attacked playerYves6900550950215747119473No fears No tears9.2
33255-02 attacked playerYves6900550451416829119473No fears No tears14.6
2398albertino adriano's attacked playeralbertino adriano49852517786121338No fears No tears25.1
2740albertino adriano's city 2 attacked playeralbertino adriano49852517786121338No fears No tears25.1

Players list: buffysara; Yves69005; Jadzia - Dax; DEVJO; Torad; Magnarox; albertino adriano; kook; mojomoxtin
[town]3636[/town] 5733pts [player]buffysara[/player] 498/525 25.1
[town]1651[/town] 5976pts [player]Yves69005[/player] 516/471 33.1
[town]3658[/town] 6221pts [player]Jadzia - Dax[/player] 471/479 35.8
[town]1779[/town] 6318pts [player]Yves69005[/player] 474/486 29.5
[town]90[/town] 7133pts [player]Yves69005[/player] 504/494 7.2
[town]3664[/town] 7643pts [player]DEVJO[/player] 482/481 26.2
[town]946[/town] 8039pts [player]Torad[/player] 521/476 31.9
[town]1314[/town] 8754pts [player]Torad[/player] 504/514 14.6
[town]519[/town] 9232pts [player]Magnarox[/player] 489/520 22.8
[town]71[/town] 9252pts [player]Torad[/player] 493/497 7.6
[town]2938[/town] 9599pts [player]DEVJO[/player] 474/472 38.2
[town]373[/town] 9653pts [player]Torad[/player] 502/489 11.2
[town]731[/town] 9906pts [player]Torad[/player] 521/476 31.9
[town]1858[/town] 10285pts [player]Magnarox[/player] 524/483 29.4
[town]4078[/town] 10302pts [player]albertino adriano[/player] 498/525 25.1
[town]2939[/town] 10520pts [player]DEVJO[/player] 474/472 38.2
[town]251[/town] 10674pts [player]Torad[/player] 502/489 11.2
[town]4019[/town] 10829pts [player]albertino adriano[/player] 498/525 25.1
[town]245[/town] 10876pts [player]Torad[/player] 502/489 11.2
[town]2465[/town] 11155pts [player]Jadzia - Dax[/player] 474/472 38.2
[town]143[/town] 11253pts [player]Magnarox[/player] 509/499 9.1
[town]785[/town] 11416pts [player]kook[/player] 471/479 35.8
[town]454[/town] 11594pts [player]Magnarox[/player] 516/520 25.6
[town]215[/town] 11902pts [player]Yves69005[/player] 504/514 14.6
[town]4603[/town] 12298pts [player]mojomoxtin[/player] 475/505 25.5
[town]695[/town] 14067pts [player]Yves69005[/player] 502/489 11.2
[town]133[/town] 15747pts [player]Yves69005[/player] 509/502 9.2
[town]332[/town] 16829pts [player]Yves69005[/player] 504/514 14.6
[town]2398[/town] 17786pts [player]albertino adriano[/player] 498/525 25.1
[town]2740[/town] 17786pts [player]albertino adriano[/player] 498/525 25.1

. = This player has only one town so his academy might not be well developed.

. = This player has lost some points during the last week and may be inactive.

. = This player is inactive or in vacation mode.

Note: The "radius" of search is "square", so if X = 400 and Y = 500, for a radius of 10, the search will take place in a square area with X between 390 and 410 and Y between 490 and 510. Consequently, a radius of 50, covers a whole sea.