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Below, you'll find basic setup instructions for XFree, Win9x, gpm.

Instructions, How to use it with XFree 3

Add this to the 'Module' section of your XF86Config file:

Load ""

and this to the 'XInput' section:

    SubSection "WacomStylus"
    Port "/dev/pilot"
    DeviceName "Wacom"
    BaudRate   9600

Launch PalmWac and then X11. You should set 'Compat' to 'X11' in PalmWac's preferences panel. You can now move the X cursor with your Palm's stylus.

Buttons Mapping:
    Left Click: Palm' schedule hard button  
    Middle Click: Addresses button
    Right Click: Todo button
    More Pressure (Z axis): Page Up hard button
    Even more pressure: Page Down hard button

and with XFree 4

Add this to your XF86Config-4 file: (thanks to Chunky Kibbles)

    Section "InputDevice"
	Identifier  "PalmWac"
	Driver  "wacom"
	Option "Device" "/dev/pilot"
	Option "BaudRate" "9600"
	Option "Type" "Stylus"
	Option "AlwaysCore" "on"
    Section "ServerLayout"
	InputDevice "PalmWac" "SendCoreEvents"

XFREE 4.[0-2] ISSUES !!! (thanks to Mathieu Clabaut)

PalmWac does not work with XFree 4.0-4.2 because XF4's Wacom driver is buggy !! This bug, according to the CVS, was fixed in XFree

XF3 waits 1 second before reading data after a request is sent, but XF4 waits only 1 ms. If you want to correct this XF4 bug:
- edit xf86Wacom.c in Xfree sources
- replace '#define wait_for_fd(fd) xf86WaitForInput((fd), 1000)' by '#define wait_for_fd(fd) xf86WaitForInput((fd), 1000000)'.
- and recompile (good luck !).

How to use it with Win 9x/XP/Me/2000

First, be sure to disable the serial port in hotsync. Run Palmwac, and install Wacom drivers, v4.6 drivers seem to work (you can download them here (pc460*.exe)). The virtual tablet should be detected on your serial port. Then you should be able to move the pointer after a short (30 seconds) 'synchro' delay (after a bunch of 'serial errors' on PalmWac' screen, you should see lines like 'Comm: 2 0 ST', it means that your Palm is under your PC's control).

Go to the preferences panel of PalmWac and set 'Compat' to 'Win', otherwise, the pointer will move sloooowly.

Buttons Mapping:
    Left Click: Page Up hard button    
    Left Click with more pressure: Page Down hard button
    Right Click: Addresses button
    Double Left Click: Todo button

Some users made it work also under MacOS !

How to use it with gpm

Run gpm:

    gpm -t wacom -m /dev/pilot -b 9600

And, IF it does not work, reconfigure the serial line (see why below):

    stty cs8 < /dev/pilot

Then, launch PalmWac, you're ready to play. Pressure is simulated by hard scroll buttons, so press the 'Scroll Down' button while you select text, and press the 'Phone' button to paste that text.

In fact, my gpm 1.13 seems to be a bit buggy, because the serial port is configured in 5 data bits mode (!), although the 'WACOM Software Interface Reference Manual' states 8 data bits. So, It might be a gpm bug... Let me know if you find a better gpm version.