WebOS and the death of Android

Posted: Friday October 09 2009 @ 10:21pm  in Category: Software

webosThe battle of Linux based smartphones has begun, and I bet that WebOS, used for the new Palm Pre, will kill Android based phones.

Why ? Because Android is not so open as it seems, it's based on Linux but it has nothing to do with Linux. Apps cannot be ported easily to the Dalvik VM ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dalvik_virtual_machine ).

WebOS applications are written in Javascript/CSS/HTML, and lots of people know Javascript ! Moreover, all standard WebOS applications (Contacts, Calendar, etc) are also written in Javascript, so people begun to customize them easily. Do you know lots of people which started to customize their KDE or Gnome desktop when they installed their first Linux distribution ? No. The entry fee is too high. Just take a look at unofficial Pre dev forums to see how people are excited about WebOS: http://forums.precentral.net/web-os-development/

WebOS is open source for the masses, and that's the first time I see such a revolution happening in the FOSS world.

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