Sonic Marketing Mastery: Amplify Your Reach

Enhance your footprint across social networks with our tailored Sonic Marketing approach. Elevate engagement and capture a larger audience through expert SEO, Copywriting, Marketing Automation, compelling sponsored posts. Your music, strategically showcased for maximum impact.

Musical Mastery: Crafting Unforgettable Sounds

Embark on a sonic adventure where creativity knows no bounds. As a Music Production Specialist, I specialize in sculpting unique and unforgettable sounds tailored to your artistic vision. Let's create music that not only captures hearts but leaves a lasting imprint on the industry.

Empowering Your Sonic Craft: Mastering Tools and Performance

I specialize in empowering musicians to master tools like Ableton Live, refining live performances, and optimizing live workflows. Collaborate with me, and I'll provide the guidance you need to put the finishing touches on your tracks. Whether you're a beginner seeking to navigate music production tools or a seasoned artist aiming to enhance your live presence, I'm here to ensure your sonic journey is marked by continuous growth and artistic fulfillment. Let's elevate your music from creation to performance, making every note count..

Feel free to reach out for any music-related inquiries, whether it's honing your music production skills, refining live performances, or optimizing your overall musical workflow. From mastering tools like Ableton Live to perfecting your tracks, I'm here to assist you at every step of your musical journey. Let's make your music stand out and resonate with your audience.

I am a Certified AWS Cloud Solutions Architect to help you for all your technical challenges.

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Black Owl Prod

1st black owl prod web site

A responsive web site design for a Movie Production company.

Black Owl Prod

Chez Sandro

hotel santo antao chez sandro

A responsive web site design for a very nice Bed N'Breakfast located in Cabo Verde, with integrated PayPlug payment page.

Hotel Chez Sandro Cabo Verde


A nice responsive, single page squeeze site, with leads capture, marketing automation backend (Mautic). Final store here SEO Audit

Capture Page

Isabelle Antoine Coaching

A nice responsive, Wordpress site. SEO Audit

Isabelle A. Coaching

Grepolis finder

grepolis stats

A responsive web site design for a famous online game, providing game statistics and searches using a database with more than 20GB of data updated each day. Protected with a custom Web Application Firewall. SEO Audit Alt blog index Alt blog index

Grepolis stats


A responsive web site design for a links database on Open Source software for Android.

Android Open Source

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