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2020-11-24 - MIDI Chords Pack - Always free - more...
2020-11-24 - Pack de acordes MIDI - siempre gratis - more...
2020-11-24 - Pack d'accords MIDI - toujours gratuit - more...
2020-10-09 - Free Midi Chords and progressions - more...
2020-10-09 - Progressions et accords MIDI gratuits - more...
2020-09-08 - Arturia Analog Lab presets lost - more...

web design

Web Design

I love Web Design and Web Marketing! You'll see a few Responsive Web Site I've created, some with integrated Marketing Automation and online payment.

old floppy disks


Software done during my spare time: The Grepolis Victim Finder, TkUsr, PalmWac. And stuff for the Linksys WRT54GS WiFi router, more information about the packages I maintain for the Debian GNU/Linux project, etc.


Control servos with Open Source AVR software. Also control your Cybot with a Palm and SmallBasic (GPLed basic).


Abstract photography. No effects, just unmodified shots.

Fb Hot product finder

Marketing tool

  • Fb Hot product finder is a simple yet effective tool to find hot products ADs video on Facebook™ to help you sense the Ad market, and make competitive research extremely easy. A little like Adspy Adsector but simpler and free.

Android and WebOS Open Source Portals

Open Source Portals


  • My RetroComputing Technical Page. Compare the technical characteristics of good old computers.