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IdTownPlayerXYTown score ▾Player scoreAllyDistance
14216003 attacked playerkatadromeas97478483517627192Ι5 ΜΕΘ27.8
17699Ξ 01Paraskov510509719387410Ι5 ΜΕΘ13.5
17729ΞΕΡΑ attacked playerkiki2000501514728278797Ι5 ΜΕΘ14.0
13729888 sleeping playerMULONAS4864887598102745-ΙΕΡΑ ΕΞΕΤΑΣΗ- 218.4
13865002 attacked playerkatadromeas97490488817127192Ι5 ΜΕΘ15.6
11314ZIKOS13DK CaptainCrime5274918579104646*LOST BOYS*28.5
1138001 attacked playerkatadromeas97483499952027192Ι5 ΜΕΘ17.0
9834021 attacked playerAMERIKA123523492980320530---24.4
233ψααλBlue kaltsa4944921166956578Ι5 ΜΕΘ10.0
16844-01-Β sleeping playerIvar the Boneless49849811713107595The Hunters2.8
19954-02-Α sleeping playerIvar the Boneless51749511994107595The Hunters17.7
13703ΠΟΛΗkiller sheep4864881273368890Ο ΔΙΠΛΟΣ ΤΟΥ sinister18.4
17952ΞΕΡΑ only one grepolis town sleeping playerΣΑΣΜΟΣ5225051277312773Ι5 ΚΑΚΑΛΗΣ22.6
13927Πόλη του παίκτη killer sheep 2killer sheep4904881296868890Ο ΔΙΠΛΟΣ ΤΟΥ sinister15.6
3570015.WisdomOfAthena only one grepolis townΠατηρ Χαραλαμπος5154911297712977POKEMON17.5
31508-Salamina only one grepolis town sleeping playerDarthdel5174951323213232The Wolf of Wall Street17.7
29254-02-Β sleeping playerIvar the Boneless51749513370107595The Hunters17.7
1830ΚΟΛΑΣΗvaggelis 349549713436170169The Hunters5.8
842ΤΙΡΑΜΟΛΑamboul52951113674196439*Ι5 ΨΥΧΟΛΟΓΙΚΟ*31.0
16654-01 sleeping playerIvar the Boneless51449913750107595The Hunters14.0
770ΑΡΟΥΜΠΑamboul52951113803196439*Ι5 ΨΥΧΟΛΟΓΙΚΟ*31.0
47201 ΚΛΙkliklis48750514276171810*LOST BOYS*13.9
10244-01-Α sleeping playerIvar the Boneless49849814676107595The Hunters2.8
13514Πόλη του παίκτη Blue kaltsaBlue kaltsa4954971778656578Ι5 ΜΕΘ5.8

Players list: katadromeas97; Paraskov; kiki2000; MULONAS; DK CaptainCrime; AMERIKA123; Blue kaltsa; Ivar the Boneless; killer sheep; ΣΑΣΜΟΣ; Πατηρ Χαραλαμπος; Darthdel; vaggelis 3; amboul; kliklis
[town]14216[/town] 5176pts [player]katadromeas97[/player] 478/483 27.8
[town]17699[/town] 7193pts [player]Paraskov[/player] 510/509 13.5
[town]17729[/town] 7282pts [player]kiki2000[/player] 501/514 14.0
[town]13729[/town] 7598pts [player]MULONAS[/player] 486/488 18.4
[town]13865[/town] 8171pts [player]katadromeas97[/player] 490/488 15.6
[town]11314[/town] 8579pts [player]DK CaptainCrime[/player] 527/491 28.5
[town]1138[/town] 9520pts [player]katadromeas97[/player] 483/499 17.0
[town]9834[/town] 9803pts [player]AMERIKA123[/player] 523/492 24.4
[town]233[/town] 11669pts [player]Blue kaltsa[/player] 494/492 10.0
[town]168[/town] 11713pts [player]Ivar the Boneless[/player] 498/498 2.8
[town]199[/town] 11994pts [player]Ivar the Boneless[/player] 517/495 17.7
[town]13703[/town] 12733pts [player]killer sheep[/player] 486/488 18.4
[town]17952[/town] 12773pts [player]ΣΑΣΜΟΣ[/player] 522/505 22.6
[town]13927[/town] 12968pts [player]killer sheep[/player] 490/488 15.6
[town]3570[/town] 12977pts [player]Πατηρ Χαραλαμπος[/player] 515/491 17.5
[town]315[/town] 13232pts [player]Darthdel[/player] 517/495 17.7
[town]292[/town] 13370pts [player]Ivar the Boneless[/player] 517/495 17.7
[town]1830[/town] 13436pts [player]vaggelis 3[/player] 495/497 5.8
[town]842[/town] 13674pts [player]amboul[/player] 529/511 31.0
[town]166[/town] 13750pts [player]Ivar the Boneless[/player] 514/499 14.0
[town]770[/town] 13803pts [player]amboul[/player] 529/511 31.0
[town]472[/town] 14276pts [player]kliklis[/player] 487/505 13.9
[town]102[/town] 14676pts [player]Ivar the Boneless[/player] 498/498 2.8
[town]13514[/town] 17786pts [player]Blue kaltsa[/player] 495/497 5.8

. = This player has only one town so his academy might not be well developed.

. = This player has lost some points during the last week and may be inactive.

. = This player is inactive or in vacation mode.

Note: The "radius" of search is "square", so if X = 400 and Y = 500, for a radius of 10, the search will take place in a square area with X between 390 and 410 and Y between 490 and 510. Consequently, a radius of 50, covers a whole sea.