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EN138 Smyrna 
EN137 Pylos 
EN136 Oricos 
EN135 Kepoi 
EN134 Hyele 
EN133 Elis 
EN132 Doriscos 
EN130 Bassae 
EN128 Therma 
EN126 Pseira 
EN123 Mylasa 
EN120 Eretria 
EN118 Chania 
EN113 Onchesmos 
EN112 Naucratis 
EN45 Hyperborea 
EN41 Bellerophon 
EN32 Achilles 

AR60 Paros 
AR59 Oropus 
AR58 Nicaea 
AR57 Myonia 
AR55 Kos 
AR54 Idalium 
AR53 Helorus 
AR34 Juktas 

BR106 Heliopolis 
BR105 Gortyn 
BR104 Epidamnos 
BR103 Dion 
BR102 Carystus 
BR98 Selymbria 
BR79 Rhammus 
BR29 Hyperborea 
BR19 Tau 

CZ76 Nysa 
CZ75 Mochlos 
CZ74 Lapithos 
CZ73 Katane 
CZ72 Ialysos 
CZ71 Hermonassa 
CZ70 Gonnos 
CZ69 Eubea 
CZ68 Dyme 
CZ67 Cythera 
CZ63 Thebes 
CZ62 Sestos 
CZ60 Paros 
CZ49 Delos 

FR138 Smyrna 
FR137 Pylos 
FR136 Oricos 
FR135 Kepoi 
FR134 Hyele 
FR133 Elis 
FR132 Doriscos 
FR128 Therma 
FR126 Pseira 
FR125 Orikos 
FR122 Kelenderis 
FR114 Pharae 
FR39 Hyperborea 
FR37 Bellérophon 
FR32 Achilles 

DK56 Kos 
DK55 Idalium 
DK52 Farsala 
DK42 Bellerophon 
DK41 Pella 
DK13 Hyperborea 
DK9 Achilles 

ES103 Epidamnos 
ES102 Dion 
ES101 Carystus 
ES99 Amisos 
ES98 Tegea 
ES97 Selymbria 
ES96 Rhodes 
ES95 Pagases 
ES94 Olous 
ES91 Lato 
ES89 Imbros 
ES88 Helike 
ES87 Golgi 
ES86 Emporion 
ES85 Dimale 
ES84 Carphi 
ES76 Olynthus 
ES32 Hyperborea 
ES30 Gythium 
ES20 Upsilon 

DE126 Orikos 
DE125 Neapolis 
DE124 Mylasa 
DE123 Kelenderis 
DE122 Himera 
DE121 Eretria 
DE120 Dorylaion 
DE119 Chania 
DE116 Side 
DE115 Pharae 
DE112 Methone 
DE111 Leontini 
DE110 Kastoria 
DE109 Istros 
DE108 Heliopolis 
DE106 Epidamnos 
DE104 Carystus 
DE102 Amisos 
DE99 Rhodes 
DE73 Hermonassa 
DE40 Elysium 
DE34 Achilles 
DE28 Achilles 
DE7 Hyperborea 
GR80 Sinope 
GR79 Rhammus 
GR78 Pandosia 
GR77 Olynthus 
GR76 Nysa 
GR75 Mochlos 
GR74 Lapithos 
GR72 Ialysos 
GR71 Hermonassa 
GR70 Gonnos 
GR66 Byllis 
GR64 Zacynthus 
GR62 Sestos 
GR61 Rizinia 
GR53 Helorus 
GR17 Hyperborea 
GR13 Achilles 

HU77 Olynthus 
HU76 Nysa 
HU75 Mochlos 
HU74 Lapithos 
HU73 Katane 
HU72 Ialysos 
HU71 Hermonassa 
HU70 Gonnos 
HU69 Eubea 
HU65 Apollonia 
HU63 Thebes 
HU58 Nicaea 
HU50 Edessa 
HU16 Pi 
HU13 Nu 

IT90 Kasmenai 
IT89 Imbros 
IT88 Helike 
IT87 Golgi 
IT86 Emporion 
IT85 Dimale 
IT84 Carphi 
IT82 Abdera 
IT80 Taras 
IT74 Mochlos 
IT71 Ialysos 
IT70 Hermonassa 
IT63 Zacynthus 
IT21 Hyperborea 

NL92 Lato 
NL91 Kasmenai 
NL90 Imbros 
NL89 Helike 
NL88 Golgi 
NL86 Dimale 
NL85 Carphi 
NL80 Sinope 
NL79 Pandosia 
NL76 Nysa 
NL75 Mochlos 
NL74 Lapithos 
NL65 Apollonia 
NL23 Hyperborea 
NL16 Achilles 

NO61 Paros 
NO60 Oropus 
NO59 Nicaea 
NO58 Myonia 
NO11 Lambda 

PL102 Carystus 
PL101 Byblos 
PL100 Amisos 
PL99 Tegea 
PL98 Selymbria 
PL97 Rhodes 
PL96 Pagases 
PL94 Nagidos 
PL92 Lato 
PL91 Kasmenai 
PL90 Imbros 
PL88 Golgi 
PL86 Dimale 
PL82 Zancle 
PL81 Taras 
PL75 Mochlos 
PL28 Hyperborea 
PL21 Phi 

PT83 Abdera 
PT82 Zancle 
PT81 Taras 
PT80 Sinope 
PT79 Rhammus 
PT77 Olynthus 
PT74 Lapithos 
PT73 Katane 
PT70 Gonnos 
PT69 Eubea 
PT68 Dyme 
PT67 Cythera 
PT56 Lindos 
PT20 Hyperborea 
PT16 Pi 

Grepolis Finder F.A.Q.

Which statistics do you provide?

Currently, the Finder has the following Grepolis intel: ghost towns, weak or sleeping players, and for each player you can see their evolution during the last week (gained points, gained ranking, lost and conquered towns). If you need more Grepolis player activity stats, please leave me a message, and I'll add this to my roadmap.

How do I see detailed Grepolis player activity?

Start a search in your area, and click on the magnifying glass, next to the player's name. You'll see its score evolution for the last week and the list of lost and conquered towns.

Can I specify more than one alliance or player in the filter?

Yes, use a semicolon between the alliances or players. For example: alliance1;alliance2;alliance3

I'm shown as inactive but I'm more than active in Grepolis, why?

If you lost some points during the last week, you'll be tagged as inactive in the Grepofinder. Sure, you may be active but if you lost some points, it may also mean that your defenses have been weakened recently for many reasons, so it could be the right time for ennemies to attack you again. So I consider this 'inactive' tag as a good indicator for trying to attack that player and win :-) .

Do you have that X Grepostats feature?

Now that is dead, I can try to develop some of the grepostats statistics, just send me a message about which feature you would like to see! (below or on our FB page).

Why don't I see all the towns I should get in the search results?

Do not forget to lower the 'min town score' filter value, or increase the 'search range'.

How can I thank you for the Grepofinder?

If you like my grepofinder and want to contribute to future improvements, you can donate some Bitcoins: 1JGpGTxWWjmaviNo1eLw1K3ZX3xPDFpJdh

I have more questions... Please use the form below or our Facebook page.