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IdTownPlayerXYTown score ▾Player scoreAllyDistance
24995Noob01.3mtz7775174767957100665O C E A N I A29.4
20374Noob01.2mtz7775174767961100665O C E A N I A29.4
14043KLR 6.2 attacked playerteo20109t5285148353195475Sons of Anarchy. I31.3
21956Noob01.1mtz7775174768547100665O C E A N I A29.4
25645Noob01.4mtz7775174768568100665O C E A N I A29.4
23405CARUTAAsocate.mg5225258681195266Sons of Anarchy II33.3
1015MAIA 1 Pnikos.4865238685188198Sons of Anarchy IV26.9
206WN 08punks035075019180126674Sons of Anarchy. I7.1
6996DOINA 1 Pnikos.4865239530188198Sons of Anarchy IV26.9
1073ADA 1 Pnikos.4865239714188198Sons of Anarchy IV26.9
23376T Y Y Rsocate.mg5225259806195266Sons of Anarchy II33.3
20324Gripunks0351850110187126674Sons of Anarchy. I18.0
29363NarcosToXic5295251037674236Sons of Anarchy. I38.3
1072SABIN 1 Pnikos.48652310863188198Sons of Anarchy IV26.9
20325Gri 2Guță nicolae magnificul51850110874137543Sons of Anarchy II18.0
1027GIK 1 Pnikos.48652311069188198Sons of Anarchy IV26.9
5072KLR 6.1 attacked playerteo20109t52851412105195475Sons of Anarchy. I31.3
20311B 02Guță nicolae magnificul51850113641137543Sons of Anarchy II18.0
20313B 04Guță nicolae magnificul51850113687137543Sons of Anarchy II18.0
20312B 03Guță nicolae magnificul51850113769137543Sons of Anarchy II18.0
1400012-Natalyadadudu48252914247172877Sons of Anarchy IV34.1
31598CentralToXic5125251448474236Sons of Anarchy. I27.7

Players list: mtz777; teo20109t;; nikos.; punks03; ToXic; Guță nicolae magnificul; adadudu
[town]24995[/town] 7957pts [player]mtz777[/player] 517/476 29.4
[town]20374[/town] 7961pts [player]mtz777[/player] 517/476 29.4
[town]14043[/town] 8353pts [player]teo20109t[/player] 528/514 31.3
[town]21956[/town] 8547pts [player]mtz777[/player] 517/476 29.4
[town]25645[/town] 8568pts [player]mtz777[/player] 517/476 29.4
[town]23405[/town] 8681pts [player][/player] 522/525 33.3
[town]1015[/town] 8685pts [player]nikos.[/player] 486/523 26.9
[town]206[/town] 9180pts [player]punks03[/player] 507/501 7.1
[town]6996[/town] 9530pts [player]nikos.[/player] 486/523 26.9
[town]1073[/town] 9714pts [player]nikos.[/player] 486/523 26.9
[town]23376[/town] 9806pts [player][/player] 522/525 33.3
[town]20324[/town] 10187pts [player]punks03[/player] 518/501 18.0
[town]29363[/town] 10376pts [player]ToXic[/player] 529/525 38.3
[town]1072[/town] 10863pts [player]nikos.[/player] 486/523 26.9
[town]20325[/town] 10874pts [player]Guță nicolae magnificul[/player] 518/501 18.0
[town]1027[/town] 11069pts [player]nikos.[/player] 486/523 26.9
[town]5072[/town] 12105pts [player]teo20109t[/player] 528/514 31.3
[town]20311[/town] 13641pts [player]Guță nicolae magnificul[/player] 518/501 18.0
[town]20313[/town] 13687pts [player]Guță nicolae magnificul[/player] 518/501 18.0
[town]20312[/town] 13769pts [player]Guță nicolae magnificul[/player] 518/501 18.0
[town]1400[/town] 14247pts [player]adadudu[/player] 482/529 34.1
[town]31598[/town] 14484pts [player]ToXic[/player] 512/525 27.7

. = This player has only one town so his academy might not be well developed.

. = This player has lost some points during the last week and may be inactive.

. = This player is inactive or in vacation mode.

Note: The "radius" of search is "square", so if X = 400 and Y = 500, for a radius of 10, the search will take place in a square area with X between 390 and 410 and Y between 490 and 510. Consequently, a radius of 50, covers a whole sea.