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IdTownPlayerXYTown score β–ΎPlayer scoreAllyDistance
47574000 attacked playerlesfix123476499510554272---24.0
12915Game Error's city sleeping playerGame Error519507663517125---20.2
12303000 attacked playerlesfix123471496877354272---29.3
1081danger noodle attacked playeramyqotd5074728816107761VIRUS28.9
1577254.1 ManifestSinjo5014948967191363An Unkindness6.1
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1529654.2 ManifestSinjo5014949278191363An Unkindness6.1
184battle penguins attacked playeramyqotd4994829296107761VIRUS18.0
1476854.4 ManifestSinjo5014949713191363An Unkindness6.1
1080sparkling narwahls attacked playeramyqotd5074729931107761VIRUS28.9
125844.23 HailmarySinjo48949010041191363An Unkindness14.9
1427954.3 ManifestSinjo50149410341191363An Unkindness6.1
963back again attacked playeramyqotd49547310625107761VIRUS27.5
287Z I Luv Ur Sorriness attacked playeramyqotd50248910749107761VIRUS11.2
12291000 attacked playerlesfix1234714961103954272---29.3
252mrpnk's city attacked playeramyqotd49648711373107761VIRUS13.6
1079glitter kittens attacked playeramyqotd50648312233107761VIRUS18.0
143The Nope Fort attacked playeramyqotd48450012498107761VIRUS16.0
24460cbs 9charles r sly52452012528152496Dream SMP31.2
13284403 Chilliwack sleeping playerMackData47749112791178879Ghost Mafia24.7
12280000 attacked playerlesfix1234784991301854272---22.0
24459cbs 6charles r sly52452013354152496Dream SMP31.2
24423cbs 5charles r sly51552213657152496Dream SMP26.6
23221cbs 1charles r sly51552215568152496Dream SMP26.6
23222cbs 3charles r sly51552215738152496Dream SMP26.6
21732cbs 7charles r sly51552216583152496Dream SMP26.6
19746cbs 4charles r sly51652116776152496Dream SMP26.4
21731cbs 2charles r sly51552216776152496Dream SMP26.6
22560cbs 8charles r sly51552216776152496Dream SMP26.6

Players list: lesfix123; Game Error; amyqotd; Sinjo; charles r sly; MackData
[town]4757[/town] 5105pts [player]lesfix123[/player] 476/499 24.0
[town]12915[/town] 6635pts [player]Game Error[/player] 519/507 20.2
[town]1230[/town] 8773pts [player]lesfix123[/player] 471/496 29.3
[town]1081[/town] 8816pts [player]amyqotd[/player] 507/472 28.9
[town]15772[/town] 8967pts [player]Sinjo[/player] 501/494 6.1
[town]15296[/town] 9278pts [player]Sinjo[/player] 501/494 6.1
[town]184[/town] 9296pts [player]amyqotd[/player] 499/482 18.0
[town]14768[/town] 9713pts [player]Sinjo[/player] 501/494 6.1
[town]1080[/town] 9931pts [player]amyqotd[/player] 507/472 28.9
[town]1258[/town] 10041pts [player]Sinjo[/player] 489/490 14.9
[town]14279[/town] 10341pts [player]Sinjo[/player] 501/494 6.1
[town]963[/town] 10625pts [player]amyqotd[/player] 495/473 27.5
[town]287[/town] 10749pts [player]amyqotd[/player] 502/489 11.2
[town]1229[/town] 11039pts [player]lesfix123[/player] 471/496 29.3
[town]252[/town] 11373pts [player]amyqotd[/player] 496/487 13.6
[town]1079[/town] 12233pts [player]amyqotd[/player] 506/483 18.0
[town]143[/town] 12498pts [player]amyqotd[/player] 484/500 16.0
[town]24460[/town] 12528pts [player]charles r sly[/player] 524/520 31.2
[town]1328[/town] 12791pts [player]MackData[/player] 477/491 24.7
[town]1228[/town] 13018pts [player]lesfix123[/player] 478/499 22.0
[town]24459[/town] 13354pts [player]charles r sly[/player] 524/520 31.2
[town]24423[/town] 13657pts [player]charles r sly[/player] 515/522 26.6
[town]23221[/town] 15568pts [player]charles r sly[/player] 515/522 26.6
[town]23222[/town] 15738pts [player]charles r sly[/player] 515/522 26.6
[town]21732[/town] 16583pts [player]charles r sly[/player] 515/522 26.6
[town]19746[/town] 16776pts [player]charles r sly[/player] 516/521 26.4
[town]21731[/town] 16776pts [player]charles r sly[/player] 515/522 26.6
[town]22560[/town] 16776pts [player]charles r sly[/player] 515/522 26.6

. = This player has only one town so his academy might not be well developed.

. = This player has lost some points during the last week and may be inactive.

. = This player is inactive or in vacation mode.

Note: The "radius" of search is "square", so if X = 400 and Y = 500, for a radius of 10, the search will take place in a square area with X between 390 and 410 and Y between 490 and 510. Consequently, a radius of 50, covers a whole sea.