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IdTownPlayerXYTown score β–ΎPlayer scoreAllyDistance
99552Reaper2992's city attacked playerReaper2992483499548045615---17.0
100134Bayern Munchencargoman493478553655730Death Watch23.1
99335Sr james's cityloperjames477486560823831Enigma26.9
99583old schoolcargoman477486571555730Death Watch26.9
99965Chelseacargoman482475631855730Death Watch30.8
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99467O54 alka attacked playerReaper2992515488682045615---19.2
100068fumanzu's city 1fumanzu491494714517795The Fumanzu's10.8
98556MaelstromGale the Windy4774867207109958Death Watch26.9
99713Safe MangeMangekyou471472720712347Kings City40.3
98982T-4 attacked playerTyler2124774867950182762Death Watch26.9
100017asiepert's city 2asiepert483499806421780Soul Society17.0
100102Atlantahadie121471472835013378Death Watch40.3
99189Jeepman's cityJeepman471472879632155Death Watch40.3
47548Gobekli TepeGale the Windy4774868984109958Death Watch26.9
99437Tommo61's city 2Tommo61475528898846868Death Watch37.5
99336O44 reaper attacked playerReaper29924804931011545615---21.2
98369RomeJeepman4774861051932155Death Watch26.9
99230Alka attacked playerReaper29924774861122245615---26.9
59921T-9 attacked playerTyler21248049312582182762Death Watch21.2
8808355 Lansdale attacked playerCarolinaboy8252650913019155501Death Watch27.5
10644-TaterMattress Monkey4824751306685068Death Watch30.8
984121 cityasiepert4774861371621780Soul Society26.9

Players list: Reaper2992; cargoman; loperjames; fumanzu; Gale the Windy; Mangekyou; Tyler212; asiepert; hadie121; Jeepman; Tommo61; Carolinaboy82; Mattress Monkey
[town]99552[/town] 5480pts [player]Reaper2992[/player] 483/499 17.0
[town]100134[/town] 5536pts [player]cargoman[/player] 493/478 23.1
[town]99335[/town] 5608pts [player]loperjames[/player] 477/486 26.9
[town]99583[/town] 5715pts [player]cargoman[/player] 477/486 26.9
[town]99965[/town] 6318pts [player]cargoman[/player] 482/475 30.8
[town]99467[/town] 6820pts [player]Reaper2992[/player] 515/488 19.2
[town]100068[/town] 7145pts [player]fumanzu[/player] 491/494 10.8
[town]98556[/town] 7207pts [player]Gale the Windy[/player] 477/486 26.9
[town]99713[/town] 7207pts [player]Mangekyou[/player] 471/472 40.3
[town]98982[/town] 7950pts [player]Tyler212[/player] 477/486 26.9
[town]100017[/town] 8064pts [player]asiepert[/player] 483/499 17.0
[town]100102[/town] 8350pts [player]hadie121[/player] 471/472 40.3
[town]99189[/town] 8796pts [player]Jeepman[/player] 471/472 40.3
[town]47548[/town] 8984pts [player]Gale the Windy[/player] 477/486 26.9
[town]99437[/town] 8988pts [player]Tommo61[/player] 475/528 37.5
[town]99336[/town] 10115pts [player]Reaper2992[/player] 480/493 21.2
[town]98369[/town] 10519pts [player]Jeepman[/player] 477/486 26.9
[town]99230[/town] 11222pts [player]Reaper2992[/player] 477/486 26.9
[town]59921[/town] 12582pts [player]Tyler212[/player] 480/493 21.2
[town]88083[/town] 13019pts [player]Carolinaboy82[/player] 526/509 27.5
[town]106[/town] 13066pts [player]Mattress Monkey[/player] 482/475 30.8
[town]98412[/town] 13716pts [player]asiepert[/player] 477/486 26.9

. = This player has only one town so his academy might not be well developed.

. = This player has lost some points during the last week and may be inactive.

. = This player is inactive or in vacation mode.

Note: The "radius" of search is "square", so if X = 400 and Y = 500, for a radius of 10, the search will take place in a square area with X between 390 and 410 and Y between 490 and 510. Consequently, a radius of 50, covers a whole sea.