Fb Hot product finder is a simple yet effective tool to find hot products ADs video on Facebook to help you sense the Ad market, and make competitive research extremely easy. A little like Adspy Adsector but simpler and free.


Software and tips for Android devices and also, DextRootFR, a custom rom for French Motorola Dext owners.


MyThreads is a Yahoo! like portal manager, which I maintain since July 2000. It's based on PHP and uses a MySQL database.

WRT 54gs

My experiments with my Linksys WRT54gs router: Exim, Kismet, SNMP, NBench, etc.

Zaurus SLC

Experiments with my Sharp Zaurus SL-C1000: kphone, PIM migration from PalmOS, etc.


A small and fast Tcl/Tk program that allows the playing of messages and retrieving of faxes stored on USRobotics and 3Com modems. (Latest version: 0.80)

Palm / PalmOS

Running Linux on the Tungsten T and some hardware information gathered on one page.

Wacom tablet emulation for PalmOS.

Debian Contributions

My favorite Linux distrib

For whose who may ask 'what's Debian ?': In short, maybe the most professional Linux distribution. No joke. Debian's user support was always much more efficient than RH when I needed it. And the packaging quality is one of the highest I know (for example, Tcl/Tk related packages are maintained by a Tcl specialist, not by a trainee with one week experience).

More details about my life as a Debian Developer:

Also if you have an Asus EEEPC running Xandros, you'll find a few backports here (lastest UAE, xmame optimized for the EEE, etc).