• New Android Page and DextRootFR mod

    I've just set-up a new page about some Android experiments:


    One of my 1st contribution to the Android community is a new rooted ROM for French Dext Owners: DextRootFR I saw the Motoblur 1.3.20 update coming but none of the usual modders …

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  • New abstract photo gallery

    New abstract photography gallery !

    My abstract photography gallery is now opened ! Theses photos were not modified in any way. I did not use any digital effects on the camera or on my PC. Only photons captured by a CCD. And of course, if you want a hi-res, poster sized, printed …

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  • ZK vs. GWT: Server-Centric Matters !

    ZK is my favorite Web 2.0 toolkit. In fact, it's so powerful that I'd call it, a Web 3.0 toolkit. A true Web 3.0 toolkit where you do not have to write a single line of Javascript, which is compatible with all major Web browsers, and which …

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  • The Future is Solar

    The Future is Solar

    Here is a link to an excellent short article published in theoildrum.com, one of my favorite sites.

    Read it, I'm sure it will convince you that our future is solar, and that other pseudo-alternatives like bio-diesel should be forgotten ASAP !

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