Four Hardstyle Music Production Tips in FL Studio: Insights from Hardstyle Riddim Producer 4D4M

Published: Sat 03 February 2024
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As a hardstyle music producer, I've honed my craft in FL Studio for the past 20 years, refining techniques that elevate tracks to the next level. Here, I share four essential production tips tailored for FL Studio users producing hardstyle.

Layering is Key

Layering multiple sounds is fundamental in hardstyle production. In FL Studio, utilize the Layer tool to stack kick drums, synths, and percussion elements, creating depth and richness in your tracks.

Mastering Distortion

Distortion adds grit and aggression characteristic of hardstyle. FL Studio's plugins like Fruity Fast Distortion and Fruity WaveShaper are invaluable for achieving this texture. Experiment with settings and automation for dynamic textures.

Sidechain Compression for Punchy Kicks

Punchy kicks are vital. Apply sidechain compression in FL Studio using the Fruity Limiter plugin to create rhythmic pumping effects, enhancing energy and drive.

FL Studio 3 Osc

Experiment with Reverse Bass

The reverse bass is iconic in hardstyle. FL Studio's 3xOsc plugin allows for custom reverse bass built from the ground up. Use the Slide tool in the Piano Roll for gliding basslines, adding a classic hardstyle feel. Experiment with different notes, rhythms, and patterns for unique sounds.

These four tips, from layering and distortion to sidechain compression and reverse bass, are essential for crafting professional-quality hardstyle tracks in FL Studio. Experiment, stay creative, and enjoy the process of music-making! And if you have other questions on how to make hardstyle music feel free to comment below :)

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