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IdTownPlayerXYTown score ▾Player scoreAllyDistance
1752Start attacked playerEdwardTeach521527500618019-Berserkir-34.2
11979FISTERREblack wild wolf472491569562881---29.4
8524LEONblack wild wolf472491622362881---29.4
3169BURGOSblack wild wolf472491632862881---29.4
2839ASTORGAblack wild wolf472491646462881---29.4
7821A'CORUNAblack wild wolf472491650062881---29.4
2251611.01 Brodamo sleeping playerMozzarellaEdition.4935017806164146---7.1
19193Città di tyar 6tyar488521800297319Rosina24.2
19580Città di tyar 7tyar493514814897319Rosina15.7
317955.01.Bertuccia attacked playerGanjanauta5225238516199207BERSERKIR N' FOOD31.8
18002Città di tyar 5tyar488521892297319Rosina24.2
3614Zancle 01 attacked playerisolano 0424478487930421942Sgold Voi25.6
2160755.03 Puntino RedJohn Wick5275139305111496BERSERKIR N' FOOD30.0
86955.02.Mandrillo attacked playerGanjanauta5215279308199207BERSERKIR N' FOOD34.2
22421 RiavviaJohn Wick5175159708111496BERSERKIR N' FOOD22.7
95055.00.Bonobo attacked playerGanjanauta5255209965199207BERSERKIR N' FOOD32.0
22611Città di tyar 8tyar488521997797319Rosina24.2
391555.01.spadoneJohn Wick52751310486111496BERSERKIR N' FOOD30.0
5614Domasdanilos7247848710501124246Sgold Voi25.6
1790405.Isoladellespade sleeping playerfantabook202052750910818129868BERSERKIR N' FOOD28.5
12637Città di tyar 3tyar4885211089597319Rosina24.2
12630Città di tyar 2tyar4885211114897319Rosina24.2
93310. Danirox85TheRealPope52552012066174563- Berserkir 'N Food -32.0
12970Città di tyar 4tyar4885211271097319Rosina24.2
249544 VaLcHiRiAaristretto49047413172190996Agency in Disguise27.9
6032m54 PAUSA SLAVRA50647113399130628- Agency of Disguise -29.6
10786Città di tyartyar4885211362097319Rosina24.2
1203544.1-scxcaste47848717073142327Sgold Voi25.6

Players list: EdwardTeach; black wild wolf; mikelemagnum1; MozzarellaEdition.; tyar; Ganjanauta; isolano 0424; John Wick; danilos72; fantabook2020; Rob1n.87; TheRealPope; aristretto; LAVRA; xcaste
[town]1752[/town] 5006pts [player]EdwardTeach[/player] 521/527 34.2
[town]11979[/town] 5695pts [player]black wild wolf[/player] 472/491 29.4
[town]8524[/town] 6223pts [player]black wild wolf[/player] 472/491 29.4
[town]3169[/town] 6328pts [player]black wild wolf[/player] 472/491 29.4
[town]2839[/town] 6464pts [player]black wild wolf[/player] 472/491 29.4
[town]7821[/town] 6500pts [player]black wild wolf[/player] 472/491 29.4
[town]2201[/town] 6715pts [player]mikelemagnum1[/player] 496/489 11.7
[town]22516[/town] 7806pts [player]MozzarellaEdition.[/player] 493/501 7.1
[town]19193[/town] 8002pts [player]tyar[/player] 488/521 24.2
[town]19580[/town] 8148pts [player]tyar[/player] 493/514 15.7
[town]3179[/town] 8516pts [player]Ganjanauta[/player] 522/523 31.8
[town]18002[/town] 8922pts [player]tyar[/player] 488/521 24.2
[town]3614[/town] 9304pts [player]isolano 0424[/player] 478/487 25.6
[town]21607[/town] 9305pts [player]John Wick[/player] 527/513 30.0
[town]869[/town] 9308pts [player]Ganjanauta[/player] 521/527 34.2
[town]224[/town] 9708pts [player]John Wick[/player] 517/515 22.7
[town]950[/town] 9965pts [player]Ganjanauta[/player] 525/520 32.0
[town]22611[/town] 9977pts [player]tyar[/player] 488/521 24.2
[town]3915[/town] 10486pts [player]John Wick[/player] 527/513 30.0
[town]5614[/town] 10501pts [player]danilos72[/player] 478/487 25.6
[town]17904[/town] 10818pts [player]fantabook2020[/player] 527/509 28.5
[town]12637[/town] 10895pts [player]tyar[/player] 488/521 24.2
[town]964[/town] 10908pts [player]Rob1n.87[/player] 525/520 32.0
[town]12630[/town] 11148pts [player]tyar[/player] 488/521 24.2
[town]933[/town] 12066pts [player]TheRealPope[/player] 525/520 32.0
[town]12970[/town] 12710pts [player]tyar[/player] 488/521 24.2
[town]2495[/town] 13172pts [player]aristretto[/player] 490/474 27.9
[town]6032[/town] 13399pts [player]LAVRA[/player] 506/471 29.6
[town]10786[/town] 13620pts [player]tyar[/player] 488/521 24.2
[town]12035[/town] 17073pts [player]xcaste[/player] 478/487 25.6

. = This player has only one town so his academy might not be well developed.

. = This player has lost some points during the last week and may be inactive.

. = This player is inactive or in vacation mode.

Note: The "radius" of search is "square", so if X = 400 and Y = 500, for a radius of 10, the search will take place in a square area with X between 390 and 410 and Y between 490 and 510. Consequently, a radius of 50, covers a whole sea.