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IdTownPlayerXYTown score ▾Player scoreAllyDistance
7855D007 R1 sleeping playerGrumpy5215035769196610De Zeven Gezonken Kolo's21.2
78091.4 Stannekoekeeeen attacked playerBreitling527487637731437De Zeven Gezonken Kolo's30.0
80233.0 Nummer 17 attacked playerBreitling522501692831437De Zeven Gezonken Kolo's22.0
85592.5 Opletten attacked playerBreitling522501712131437De Zeven Gezonken Kolo's22.0
19988Wolford air flightGlimmende pantykous529512830831048---31.4
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452D012 Icarus Fell sleeping playerGrumpy5095229169196610De Zeven Gezonken Kolo's23.8
436319 A Guppy sleeping playerGigantadorp5134719393135673---31.8
1711240 A Keizerbaars sleeping playerGigantadorp5284789550135673---35.6
1712741 A Siamese kempvis sleeping playerGigantadorp51647610006135673---28.8
1465831 A Wulk sleeping playerGigantadorp51847810170135673---28.4
4520Ghadeelaeppiehe52951210405122842At World's End31.4
13770R 012trier51648410631167007de eenzame spelers22.6
1366920 A Meerval sleeping playerGigantadorp51047810640135673---24.2
1405423 A Murene sleeping playerGigantadorp51648410670135673---22.6
192D003 Etop266 sleeping playerGrumpy50251411606196610De Zeven Gezonken Kolo's14.1
1300D011 Kuiper sleeping playerGrumpy52952611760196610De Zeven Gezonken Kolo's38.9
2380Stad van Tiozzy 2Tiozzy5145141193518247---19.8
6050A05.1 Rots sleeping playerKingSocrates4944841254850111Daffy duck fanclub17.1
2809Wolford Light TightGlimmende pantykous5295121255831048---31.4
3861Op de strip sleeping playerKingSocrates5134711412650111Daffy duck fanclub31.8
963D014 Wanny sleeping playerGrumpy51052814157196610De Zeven Gezonken Kolo's29.7
2453F05 Compressor sleeping playerGrumpy49850514595196610De Zeven Gezonken Kolo's5.4
987D006 Z sleeping playerGrumpy52850915459196610De Zeven Gezonken Kolo's29.4
1914Stad van Lithina 2 only one grepolis town attacked playerLithina4854871619816198---19.8
10059X02 Foo FightersMatt Murdock48948617178100875STERREn17.8
10019X01 EditorsMatt Murdock49149317276100875STERREn11.4
2840Papendrecht sleeping playerDroppie205024751778644827Oranje25.1

Players list: Grumpy; Breitling; Glimmende pantykous; Gigantadorp; eppiehe; trier; Tiozzy; KingSocrates; Lithina; Matt Murdock; Droppie20
[town]7855[/town] 5769pts [player]Grumpy[/player] 521/503 21.2
[town]7809[/town] 6377pts [player]Breitling[/player] 527/487 30.0
[town]8023[/town] 6928pts [player]Breitling[/player] 522/501 22.0
[town]8559[/town] 7121pts [player]Breitling[/player] 522/501 22.0
[town]19988[/town] 8308pts [player]Glimmende pantykous[/player] 529/512 31.4
[town]452[/town] 9169pts [player]Grumpy[/player] 509/522 23.8
[town]4363[/town] 9393pts [player]Gigantadorp[/player] 513/471 31.8
[town]17112[/town] 9550pts [player]Gigantadorp[/player] 528/478 35.6
[town]17127[/town] 10006pts [player]Gigantadorp[/player] 516/476 28.8
[town]14658[/town] 10170pts [player]Gigantadorp[/player] 518/478 28.4
[town]4520[/town] 10405pts [player]eppiehe[/player] 529/512 31.4
[town]13770[/town] 10631pts [player]trier[/player] 516/484 22.6
[town]13669[/town] 10640pts [player]Gigantadorp[/player] 510/478 24.2
[town]14054[/town] 10670pts [player]Gigantadorp[/player] 516/484 22.6
[town]192[/town] 11606pts [player]Grumpy[/player] 502/514 14.1
[town]1300[/town] 11760pts [player]Grumpy[/player] 529/526 38.9
[town]2380[/town] 11935pts [player]Tiozzy[/player] 514/514 19.8
[town]6050[/town] 12548pts [player]KingSocrates[/player] 494/484 17.1
[town]2809[/town] 12558pts [player]Glimmende pantykous[/player] 529/512 31.4
[town]3861[/town] 14126pts [player]KingSocrates[/player] 513/471 31.8
[town]963[/town] 14157pts [player]Grumpy[/player] 510/528 29.7
[town]2453[/town] 14595pts [player]Grumpy[/player] 498/505 5.4
[town]987[/town] 15459pts [player]Grumpy[/player] 528/509 29.4
[town]1914[/town] 16198pts [player]Lithina[/player] 485/487 19.8
[town]10059[/town] 17178pts [player]Matt Murdock[/player] 489/486 17.8
[town]10019[/town] 17276pts [player]Matt Murdock[/player] 491/493 11.4
[town]2840[/town] 17786pts [player]Droppie20[/player] 502/475 25.1

. = This player has only one town so his academy might not be well developed.

. = This player has lost some points during the last week and may be inactive.

. = This player is inactive or in vacation mode.

Note: The "radius" of search is "square", so if X = 400 and Y = 500, for a radius of 10, the search will take place in a square area with X between 390 and 410 and Y between 490 and 510. Consequently, a radius of 50, covers a whole sea.