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IdTownPlayerXYTown score ▾Player scoreAllyDistance
9540Oraşul lui Remus Matei 9 attacked playerRemus Matei4914925205154986All Stars ACD III12.0
8502Oraşul lui Remus Matei 8 attacked playerRemus Matei4864995816154986All Stars ACD III14.0
1288Atlantisvlad tepes n4924716786165338All Stars Prime30.1
1656Atenavlad tepes n5074806792165338All Stars Prime21.2
9394m55H attacked playerByanca885285226803132728All Stars ACD III35.6
9969Departe attacked playerfloricuta510518789114762---20.6
5670Oraşul lui Remus Matei 4 attacked playerRemus Matei4864997928154986All Stars ACD III14.0
8647esmeralda999 2 2esmeralda999524484848854942New Star AC28.8
8556esmeralda999 5esmeralda999524484870754942New Star AC28.8
901026. Allinu sleeping playerJuicexd4774958709195982All Stars Prime23.5
601Kempo attacked playerThamuz5115108711160641All Stars ACD III14.9
597Roma 4cip9994824948725117962300 SPARTAN19.0
7975esmeralda999 2esmeralda999524484874854942New Star AC28.8
325009. Furia sleeping playerJuicexd4875208759195982All Stars Prime23.9
8286esmeralda999 3esmeralda999524484878754942New Star AC28.8
928Romavlad tepes n4924718807165338All Stars Prime30.1
465Păun m55 attacked playerByanca885065069000132728All Stars ACD III8.5
3100Oraşul lui Vampyro19 2 attacked playerVampyro194875159345130659All Stars ACD III19.8
3395MDMA 2 sleeping playercocaina99525489936151454FOREVER 2NICE27.3
8492esmeralda999 4esmeralda999524484962654942New Star AC28.8
457Car m55 attacked playerByanca885065069720132728All Stars ACD III8.5
176744-5 attacked playeraerian4724719722145908FOREVER 2NICE40.3
9409Oraşul lui vulpe20 attacked playerRemus Matei4804939764154986All Stars ACD III21.2
404The EsselesBuSoN487520988649201All Stars ACD III23.9
8894Oraşul lui sori395 8 sleeping playersori3955064919957150288300 SPARTAN10.8
687001. Cine-s Mayans? sleeping playerJuicexd4824949975195982All Stars Prime19.0
612Spartavlad tepes n49447410080165338All Stars Prime26.7
235Wushu attacked playerThamuz48752010180160641All Stars ACD III23.9
1095esmeralda999esmeralda9995294801058654942New Star AC35.2
515savatedacian2.14944741110881366300 SPARTAN26.7
634Kung Fu attacked playerThamuz50051011111160641All Stars ACD III10.0
430Bar m55 attacked playerByanca8850650611120132728All Stars ACD III8.5
89Vampyro19 attacked playerVampyro1948950811265130659All Stars ACD III13.6
193K-1 attacked playerThamuz49351312002160641All Stars ACD III14.8
833Hai Mitrica attacked playerRemus Matei48249412020154986All Stars ACD III19.0
191080. *Mădă**RedWhite4904871276347463All Stars ACD III16.4
105001. Fiare vechivlad tepes n49247112959165338All Stars Prime30.1
194545-04 attacked playerbraveknight47852613716176438All Stars II34.1
1385006 Uchiha Tobi attacked playermrk204734841425822090New Star AC31.4
390WOP.1 attacked playersilviu5014894791487168931300 SPARTAN23.7

Players list: Remus Matei; rapid74; vlad tepes n; Byanca88; floricuta; esmeralda999; Juicexd; Thamuz; cip999; Vampyro19; cocaina99; aerian; BuSoN; sori395; dacian2.1; *RedWhite; braveknight; mrk20; silviu501
[town]9540[/town] 5205pts [player]Remus Matei[/player] 491/492 12.0
[town]8502[/town] 5816pts [player]Remus Matei[/player] 486/499 14.0
[town]2688[/town] 5818pts [player]rapid74[/player] 528/522 35.6
[town]1288[/town] 6786pts [player]vlad tepes n[/player] 492/471 30.1
[town]1656[/town] 6792pts [player]vlad tepes n[/player] 507/480 21.2
[town]9394[/town] 6803pts [player]Byanca88[/player] 528/522 35.6
[town]9969[/town] 7891pts [player]floricuta[/player] 510/518 20.6
[town]5670[/town] 7928pts [player]Remus Matei[/player] 486/499 14.0
[town]8647[/town] 8488pts [player]esmeralda999[/player] 524/484 28.8
[town]8556[/town] 8707pts [player]esmeralda999[/player] 524/484 28.8
[town]901[/town] 8709pts [player]Juicexd[/player] 477/495 23.5
[town]601[/town] 8711pts [player]Thamuz[/player] 511/510 14.9
[town]597[/town] 8725pts [player]cip999[/player] 482/494 19.0
[town]7975[/town] 8748pts [player]esmeralda999[/player] 524/484 28.8
[town]325[/town] 8759pts [player]Juicexd[/player] 487/520 23.9
[town]8286[/town] 8787pts [player]esmeralda999[/player] 524/484 28.8
[town]928[/town] 8807pts [player]vlad tepes n[/player] 492/471 30.1
[town]465[/town] 9000pts [player]Byanca88[/player] 506/506 8.5
[town]3100[/town] 9345pts [player]Vampyro19[/player] 487/515 19.8
[town]3395[/town] 9361pts [player]cocaina99[/player] 525/489 27.3
[town]8492[/town] 9626pts [player]esmeralda999[/player] 524/484 28.8
[town]457[/town] 9720pts [player]Byanca88[/player] 506/506 8.5
[town]1767[/town] 9722pts [player]aerian[/player] 472/471 40.3
[town]9409[/town] 9764pts [player]Remus Matei[/player] 480/493 21.2
[town]404[/town] 9886pts [player]BuSoN[/player] 487/520 23.9
[town]8894[/town] 9957pts [player]sori395[/player] 506/491 10.8
[town]687[/town] 9975pts [player]Juicexd[/player] 482/494 19.0
[town]612[/town] 10080pts [player]vlad tepes n[/player] 494/474 26.7
[town]235[/town] 10180pts [player]Thamuz[/player] 487/520 23.9
[town]1095[/town] 10586pts [player]esmeralda999[/player] 529/480 35.2
[town]515[/town] 11108pts [player]dacian2.1[/player] 494/474 26.7
[town]634[/town] 11111pts [player]Thamuz[/player] 500/510 10.0
[town]430[/town] 11120pts [player]Byanca88[/player] 506/506 8.5
[town]89[/town] 11265pts [player]Vampyro19[/player] 489/508 13.6
[town]193[/town] 12002pts [player]Thamuz[/player] 493/513 14.8
[town]833[/town] 12020pts [player]Remus Matei[/player] 482/494 19.0
[town]191[/town] 12763pts [player]*RedWhite[/player] 490/487 16.4
[town]1050[/town] 12959pts [player]vlad tepes n[/player] 492/471 30.1
[town]1945[/town] 13716pts [player]braveknight[/player] 478/526 34.1
[town]1385[/town] 14258pts [player]mrk20[/player] 473/484 31.4
[town]390[/town] 14871pts [player]silviu501[/player] 489/479 23.7

. = This player has only one town so his academy might not be well developed.

. = This player has lost some points during the last week and may be inactive.

. = This player is inactive or in vacation mode.

Note: The "radius" of search is "square", so if X = 400 and Y = 500, for a radius of 10, the search will take place in a square area with X between 390 and 410 and Y between 490 and 510. Consequently, a radius of 50, covers a whole sea.