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IdTownPlayerXYTown score ▾Player scoreAllyDistance
4610Оксиген 45Тимониус487507501536500Ellada214.8
2721Ставр-44-2 attacked playerterex21544734805823148668Маша и медведи33.6
1195l54-41GUNS745094727956172533Маша и медведи29.4
1187okinawa attacked playerTERJOLA490500814734840Маша и медведи10.0
1011город GUNS74 2GUNS744944838211172533Маша и медведи18.0
3936город GoticGUNS745014838369172533Маша и медведи17.0
1278город oleg.gun75GUNS744884728995172533Маша и медведи30.5
1153город GUNS74 3GUNS744864799430172533Маша и медведи25.2
434город GUNS74 1GUNS744904849789172533Маша и медведи18.9
54562154 13 attacked playerterex21545094729892148668Маша и медведи29.4
4985shaten6 attacked playershaten51751910295129333Маша и медведи25.5
4127MRS 58 06MRS584864791141587634Маша и медведи25.2
814город pavel 1807GUNS7449747211430172533Маша и медведи28.2
4519Северный attacked playersuvenir52349111437116521Маша и медведи24.7
4897город ГречихаГречиха49450111688127226про1006.1
309MRS 58 01MRS584944831184587634Маша и медведи18.0
508MRS 58 02MRS584864791196887634Маша и медведи25.2
5113город Гречиха 2Гречиха51550712206127226про10016.6
1359OSTROV 44 attacked playerTERJOLA4974851226834840Маша и медведи15.3
435город ДубсградGUNS7449048412846172533Маша и медведи18.9
4881МухенGUNS7448847212908172533Маша и медведи30.5
52444-02сGUNS7447648714045172533Маша и медведи27.3
98906онх 4в6 44-4еJulia47348014969113354Маша и медведи33.6
283755 Ёрмунганд sleeping playermt.Elf52651715161124565Маша и медведи31.1
1317Caen Stade MalherbeMORPHEUS7852651716532156037Маша и медведи31.1

Players list: Тимониус; terex2154; GUNS74; TERJOLA; shaten; HEADL1N3R; Stormalver7777; MRS58; suvenir; Гречиха; 4еJulia; mt.Elf; MORPHEUS78
[town]4610[/town] 5015pts [player]Тимониус[/player] 487/507 14.8
[town]2721[/town] 5823pts [player]terex2154[/player] 473/480 33.6
[town]1195[/town] 7956pts [player]GUNS74[/player] 509/472 29.4
[town]1187[/town] 8147pts [player]TERJOLA[/player] 490/500 10.0
[town]1011[/town] 8211pts [player]GUNS74[/player] 494/483 18.0
[town]3936[/town] 8369pts [player]GUNS74[/player] 501/483 17.0
[town]1278[/town] 8995pts [player]GUNS74[/player] 488/472 30.5
[town]1153[/town] 9430pts [player]GUNS74[/player] 486/479 25.2
[town]434[/town] 9789pts [player]GUNS74[/player] 490/484 18.9
[town]5456[/town] 9892pts [player]terex2154[/player] 509/472 29.4
[town]4985[/town] 10295pts [player]shaten[/player] 517/519 25.5
[town]56[/town] 10543pts [player]HEADL1N3R[/player] 492/492 11.3
[town]1003[/town] 10739pts [player]Stormalver7777[/player] 517/477 28.6
[town]4127[/town] 11415pts [player]MRS58[/player] 486/479 25.2
[town]814[/town] 11430pts [player]GUNS74[/player] 497/472 28.2
[town]4519[/town] 11437pts [player]suvenir[/player] 523/491 24.7
[town]4897[/town] 11688pts [player]Гречиха[/player] 494/501 6.1
[town]309[/town] 11845pts [player]MRS58[/player] 494/483 18.0
[town]508[/town] 11968pts [player]MRS58[/player] 486/479 25.2
[town]5113[/town] 12206pts [player]Гречиха[/player] 515/507 16.6
[town]1359[/town] 12268pts [player]TERJOLA[/player] 497/485 15.3
[town]435[/town] 12846pts [player]GUNS74[/player] 490/484 18.9
[town]4881[/town] 12908pts [player]GUNS74[/player] 488/472 30.5
[town]524[/town] 14045pts [player]GUNS74[/player] 476/487 27.3
[town]989[/town] 14969pts [player]4еJulia[/player] 473/480 33.6
[town]2837[/town] 15161pts [player]mt.Elf[/player] 526/517 31.1
[town]1317[/town] 16532pts [player]MORPHEUS78[/player] 526/517 31.1

. = This player has only one town so his academy might not be well developed.

. = This player has lost some points during the last week and may be inactive.

. = This player is inactive or in vacation mode.

Note: The "radius" of search is "square", so if X = 400 and Y = 500, for a radius of 10, the search will take place in a square area with X between 390 and 410 and Y between 490 and 510. Consequently, a radius of 50, covers a whole sea.