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IdTownPlayerXYTown score ▾Player scoreAllyDistance
2324город коLобок 3 attacked playerкоLобок523501535134609Оптимальный23.0
3963город Восточный attacked playerPavlo895235015793186792Оптимальный23.0
222402V only one grepolis town attacked playerVovas50147767656765---23.0
8589косменал 5 attacked playerАлександр уральский500524704371485---24.0
2285город коLобок 2 attacked playerкоLобок523501767734609Оптимальный23.0
8261город Lokдаун 3 attacked playerLokдаун483489807078626---20.2
7367Вятич 7 attacked playerАлексей1977q5124718547170432Белые бушлаты31.4
6543Эвкалипт attacked playerAlliisa5255259595136664Белые бушлаты35.4
8375город Natali A 3 attacked playerNatali A477475969961680Cosa Nostra34.0
2993Дача attacked playeroptimym174834899816195767Оптимальный20.2
9192Опа па attacked playerPavlo895235019970186792Оптимальный23.0
834Natali A attacked playerNatali A4784721027961680Cosa Nostra35.6
7977город DunneCt 4DunneCt5294761051896626ВЕТЕР ПЕРЕМЕН37.6
9152мда уж attacked playerPavlo8952350110604186792Оптимальный23.0
8451город Natali A 4 attacked playerNatali A4784721063261680Cosa Nostra35.6
284Евроспорт14 attacked playerсоколикZ51951412330165870Белые бушлаты23.6
683хай 5 attacked playerсоколикZ49251213414165870Белые бушлаты14.4
8328BAN attacked playerChegevara*47847214015196592Белые бушлаты35.6
7738город yakser 2 attacked playeryakser4864751411016484---28.7
828Дзен-пупизм attacked playerChegevara*47847214478196592Белые бушлаты35.6
1918город 5501 attacked playerAristarkh5245161469953402Оптимальный28.8
6992город 5400 attacked playerPavlo8952451016756186792Оптимальный26.0
3938004 ух attacked playerPavlo8952350117432186792Оптимальный23.0
573город King attacked playerwiz12345255251778695904Белые бушлаты35.4
4571002 plan B attacked playerPavlo8952350117786186792Оптимальный23.0

Players list: коLобок; Pavlo89; Vovas; Александр уральский; Lokдаун; Алексей1977q; Alliisa; Natali A; optimym17; DunneCt; соколикZ; Chegevara*; yakser; Aristarkh; wiz1234
[town]2324[/town] 5351pts [player]коLобок[/player] 523/501 23.0
[town]3963[/town] 5793pts [player]Pavlo89[/player] 523/501 23.0
[town]2224[/town] 6765pts [player]Vovas[/player] 501/477 23.0
[town]8589[/town] 7043pts [player]Александр уральский[/player] 500/524 24.0
[town]2285[/town] 7677pts [player]коLобок[/player] 523/501 23.0
[town]8261[/town] 8070pts [player]Lokдаун[/player] 483/489 20.2
[town]7367[/town] 8547pts [player]Алексей1977q[/player] 512/471 31.4
[town]6543[/town] 9595pts [player]Alliisa[/player] 525/525 35.4
[town]8375[/town] 9699pts [player]Natali A[/player] 477/475 34.0
[town]2993[/town] 9816pts [player]optimym17[/player] 483/489 20.2
[town]9192[/town] 9970pts [player]Pavlo89[/player] 523/501 23.0
[town]834[/town] 10279pts [player]Natali A[/player] 478/472 35.6
[town]7977[/town] 10518pts [player]DunneCt[/player] 529/476 37.6
[town]9152[/town] 10604pts [player]Pavlo89[/player] 523/501 23.0
[town]8451[/town] 10632pts [player]Natali A[/player] 478/472 35.6
[town]284[/town] 12330pts [player]соколикZ[/player] 519/514 23.6
[town]683[/town] 13414pts [player]соколикZ[/player] 492/512 14.4
[town]8328[/town] 14015pts [player]Chegevara*[/player] 478/472 35.6
[town]7738[/town] 14110pts [player]yakser[/player] 486/475 28.7
[town]828[/town] 14478pts [player]Chegevara*[/player] 478/472 35.6
[town]1918[/town] 14699pts [player]Aristarkh[/player] 524/516 28.8
[town]6992[/town] 16756pts [player]Pavlo89[/player] 524/510 26.0
[town]3938[/town] 17432pts [player]Pavlo89[/player] 523/501 23.0
[town]573[/town] 17786pts [player]wiz1234[/player] 525/525 35.4
[town]4571[/town] 17786pts [player]Pavlo89[/player] 523/501 23.0

. = This player has only one town so his academy might not be well developed.

. = This player has lost some points during the last week and may be inactive.

. = This player is inactive or in vacation mode.

Note: The "radius" of search is "square", so if X = 400 and Y = 500, for a radius of 10, the search will take place in a square area with X between 390 and 410 and Y between 490 and 510. Consequently, a radius of 50, covers a whole sea.