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IdTownPlayerXYTown score ▾Player scoreAllyDistance
570664- attacked playerApireks527525506113975Kipros36.8
570765- attacked playerApireks527525522113975Kipros36.8
1825MORALMORELDEGIL attacked playerPikk5234746826106084REPUBLIC OF TURKEY34.7
523215 CR 15CIRO LENISTER4784757715140003ANONYMOUS33.3
3494DUZCE attacked playerPikk5254777829106084REPUBLIC OF TURKEY34.0
2152bb4 attacked playermeg025195287989160914REPUBLIC OF TURKEY33.8
1387A=2 attacked playermeg025195288156160914REPUBLIC OF TURKEY33.8
614009 CR 9CIRO LENISTER4934768259140003ANONYMOUS25.0
5509A=3 attacked playermeg024815238658160914REPUBLIC OF TURKEY29.8
1447SULTAN ANA attacked playerYamac495529877342798turkey union29.4
1254bb3 attacked playermeg025075239089160914REPUBLIC OF TURKEY24.0
4930K=1 attacked playermeg024815239141160914REPUBLIC OF TURKEY29.8
2169bb1 attacked playermeg025195289182160914REPUBLIC OF TURKEY33.8
5483S=3 attacked playermeg024815239496160914REPUBLIC OF TURKEY29.8
179914 CR 14CIRO LENISTER49447810181140003ANONYMOUS22.8
130722 B attacked playerCarbonBlade484975181020030573REPUBLIC OF TURKEY18.2
1296K=2 attacked playermeg0250752310272160914REPUBLIC OF TURKEY24.0
532034 SFINA attacked playerPikk47552510687106084REPUBLIC OF TURKEY35.4
289513 CR 13CIRO LENISTER49447811407140003ANONYMOUS22.8
278911 CR 11CIRO LENISTER50047311758140003ANONYMOUS27.0
4928S=2 attacked playermeg0248152311882160914REPUBLIC OF TURKEY29.8
404254-WOLF-2 attacked playerPikk52347412361106084REPUBLIC OF TURKEY34.7
1826DUZCE 1 attacked playerPikk50847512891106084REPUBLIC OF TURKEY26.2
190654.Iori-Yagami attacked playerPikk52047113719106084REPUBLIC OF TURKEY35.2
1513A=4 attacked playermeg0250752314041160914REPUBLIC OF TURKEY24.0
832K=3 attacked playermeg0250752315216160914REPUBLIC OF TURKEY24.0

Players list: Apireks; Pikk; CIRO LENISTER; meg02; Yamac; CarbonBlade48
[town]5706[/town] 5061pts [player]Apireks[/player] 527/525 36.8
[town]5707[/town] 5221pts [player]Apireks[/player] 527/525 36.8
[town]1825[/town] 6826pts [player]Pikk[/player] 523/474 34.7
[town]5232[/town] 7715pts [player]CIRO LENISTER[/player] 478/475 33.3
[town]3494[/town] 7829pts [player]Pikk[/player] 525/477 34.0
[town]2152[/town] 7989pts [player]meg02[/player] 519/528 33.8
[town]1387[/town] 8156pts [player]meg02[/player] 519/528 33.8
[town]6140[/town] 8259pts [player]CIRO LENISTER[/player] 493/476 25.0
[town]5509[/town] 8658pts [player]meg02[/player] 481/523 29.8
[town]1447[/town] 8773pts [player]Yamac[/player] 495/529 29.4
[town]1254[/town] 9089pts [player]meg02[/player] 507/523 24.0
[town]4930[/town] 9141pts [player]meg02[/player] 481/523 29.8
[town]2169[/town] 9182pts [player]meg02[/player] 519/528 33.8
[town]5483[/town] 9496pts [player]meg02[/player] 481/523 29.8
[town]1799[/town] 10181pts [player]CIRO LENISTER[/player] 494/478 22.8
[town]1307[/town] 10200pts [player]CarbonBlade48[/player] 497/518 18.2
[town]1296[/town] 10272pts [player]meg02[/player] 507/523 24.0
[town]5320[/town] 10687pts [player]Pikk[/player] 475/525 35.4
[town]2895[/town] 11407pts [player]CIRO LENISTER[/player] 494/478 22.8
[town]2789[/town] 11758pts [player]CIRO LENISTER[/player] 500/473 27.0
[town]4928[/town] 11882pts [player]meg02[/player] 481/523 29.8
[town]4042[/town] 12361pts [player]Pikk[/player] 523/474 34.7
[town]1826[/town] 12891pts [player]Pikk[/player] 508/475 26.2
[town]1906[/town] 13719pts [player]Pikk[/player] 520/471 35.2
[town]1513[/town] 14041pts [player]meg02[/player] 507/523 24.0
[town]832[/town] 15216pts [player]meg02[/player] 507/523 24.0

. = This player has only one town so his academy might not be well developed.

. = This player has lost some points during the last week and may be inactive.

. = This player is inactive or in vacation mode.

Note: The "radius" of search is "square", so if X = 400 and Y = 500, for a radius of 10, the search will take place in a square area with X between 390 and 410 and Y between 490 and 510. Consequently, a radius of 50, covers a whole sea.