tkusr in action

- Compatible with Message (Plus) and Professional USRobotics / 3COM modems
- Intelligent retrieving of data with a cache system to speed up the download. So you do not have to download the full memory to get only one fax.
- View the list of fax or voice messages stored in your modem's flash
- Play any voice message including outgoing messages.
- View a fax with the built-in G3 decoder (written in pure Tcl !)
- Print a fax (display it and then click on the print button)
- Save a fax with one G3 file for each page (right click an entry)
- Save a voice message as a GSM file (right click an entry)
- Upload GSM File / Record outgoing messages
- Support for most settings of Message modems


TkUsr source + binary : tkusr_0.80.tar.gz
TkUsr Debian package : tkusr_0.80_all.deb
TkUsr Debian .dsc : tkusr_0.80.dsc
TkUsr Debian .changes : tkusr_0.80_i386.changes
SVN repository: http://drolez.svn.sourceforge.net/viewvc/drolez/tkusr/trunk/

If you have a buggy Tcl version (Red Hat 6.x, Mandrake 7.x, Suse 8.1) you can also try this static executable (v0.80; bzipped).


Here - Old changelog


I need your feedback to improve TkUsr. Please, submit here your comments, wishes.

Also if you want to improve TkUsr, this self-mode pdf might be useful.