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Published: Fri 09 October 2020
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You have lost your inspiration? A good way to write music is to start with nice chords progressions. Fortunately, now you have a Free MIDI chords pack to get you back on track, and complete all these unfinished tracks you have!

I'm sure you have seen lots of ADs for MIDI chords packs, chords progressions, but wait... paying for chords, is it a joke???

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free midi chords pack

This is why I started this collaborative project: to create a collection of all chords and useful chord progressions in all keys, as MIDI files, usable with your favorite DAW, even on mobile apps like FL Studio Mobile.

Currently, it contains more than 7400 chords and progressions!

This collection is 100% FREE and you can contribute to it, if you find incorrect chords or you wish to add a nice chord progression.

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On Github

All the files are licensed under the MIT license, and you can use them in any project freely.

If you want to support the project and show your gratitude, you can also subscribe on Patreon 😉🙏

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Why using a chords pack?

  • Get instant inspiration listening to 100s of chords progressions
  • Use complex chords that nobody else uses, without having to learn music theory
  • You can also start with a classic chord progression like I-V-IV-VI and drag over it a few complex chords to stand out
  • Use advanced chords to write on top, an unusual melody
  • Use our MIDI chords pack with your favorite DAW and instruments, no need for another plugin!

Contents of the MIDI pack

The chords collection is organized using 3 levels of directories:

  • 1st level: All 12 Major and Minor keys
  • 2nd level:
    • 1/ Triads (simple chords)
    • 2/ 7ths and 9ths chords
    • 3/ All other chords
    • 4/ Full Midi chords progressions
      • 3rd level: Major and Minor scales
        • 4th level: progressions with different rhythmic patterns

How to use the Free Midi Chord pack?

The Free Midi chords

Just download and unzip one of the release files.

  • Select one of the 12 music keys
  • Choose if you want simple chords (Triads), more advanced ones, or full progressions
  • Choose Minor (serious/sad) or Major scales (happier)
  • Drag and drop the MIDI file in your DAW
  • Listen. Repeat. Improve. Record.

Midi chords drag drop ableton

More information

If you need to know a little more about the theory which is behind this:

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