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Published: Sat 05 December 2020
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Sampled Free Analog Synth Packs! Want to inject the warmth and power of classic analog synthesizers into your productions? Say no more! Here are my first sound packs for your favorite DAW, and good news, some of them are FREE :)

These samples are unique in both their sound and character, giving a highly original sonic experience that doesn’t exist in any other sample library available.

These royalty free samples packs have been carefully selected and recorded to create this endlessly mellifluous instrument library for producers looking for something out of the ordinary.

SHLD PRO1 ableton free instrument pack

The SHLD sampled instrument packs are:

  • sampled in 16 or 24bits from hardware analog synthesizers
  • multisampled to capture all details
  • compatible with your DAW thanks to SFZ sample presets
  • compatible with Ableton Live 10 or 11 Sampler and also Simpler
  • available for all my supporters on my Patreon, but some soundpacks are 100% free with slightly degraded sound quality.

And if you support me on Patreon for the price of a coffee ☕, you have access to all my SFZ and Ableton sample packs, current and future! Lucky bunch eh? 😁

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The more support I get from you, the more free synth packs I will release!

Behringer Pro-1 based sampled instruments

This synth is a clone of the legendary Sequential Circuit Prophet-One, known for its punchy, aggressive and fat sounds! It is extremely flexible with its 2 VCOs, great 4-pole low pass filter, 2 ADSR envelopes and flexible modulation possibilities.

Some of my sampled instruments are recorded without a filter, and others with it for a more authentic analog sound. The advantage of unfiltered sounds is that you can filter them easily with Ableton in the Sampler or Simpler (so they should work also with Ableton Live Lite/Intro/Standard).

The 'presets' folder contains also the SFZ samples presets compatible with all DAWs. If you need a good free SFZ player plugin for Mac an PC, click here.

You'll find in my packs, lead, bass and pads sounds, as well as two analog drum kits.

List of sounds (39 instruments racks and SFZ presets):

  • PRO1 41 isarithms: 3 instruments

  • PRO1 40 rightplace: 2 instruments

    • A warm analog keys sound inspired by Radiohead's "Everything in its right place".
  • PRO1 63 glasspad: 2 instruments.

    • Quartz mineral pads sounds with a rhythmic analog filtering.
  • PRO1 62 breezepad: 2 instruments

    • Airy and organic pads with 2 analog triangle waves hard synced modulated by a LFO plus noise.
  • PRO1 61 greenpad: 2 instruments ⭐

    • Classic pads with 2 analog detuned triangle waves, processed with a Chorus-Delay-Reverb chain.
  • PRO1 60 cloudpad: 2 instruments

    • Deep and dark pads with 2 analog detuned square waves plus PWM
  • PRO1 20 reese: 4 instruments

    • The famous Reese bass made with the PRO1 and an analog chorus, with 4 different variations
  • PRO1 19a metalbass: 1 instrument

    • An aggressive growling metallic sound, analog FM bass
  • PRO1 18a fmbass: 1 instrument

    • A classic analog FM bass
  • PRO1 17 goabass: 2 instruments

    • A trance hard bass, with sustain loops. Dual sawtooths.
  • PRO1 16 pbass: 2 instruments

    • A classic plucked analog bass. The typical pluck is made thanks to a fast decaying filter on the PRO-1
  • PRO1 15 worldbass: 2 instruments

  • PRO1 14 dolcebass: 2 instruments

    • A funky bass with a typical 80s sound. The "Dolce vita" bass was originaly made on a Minimoog but the Pro-1 sound is quite similar for this patch. Short Demo here.
  • PRO1 13 subbass: 3 instruments

    • A deep growling bass with a sub-bass for the 2nd oscillator which is in LO Freq mode. Samples recorded with 3 envelope filter settings.
  • PRO1 12 bass2o: 2 instrument racks.

    • A fat acid/funky bass sound with two square detuned oscillators.
  • PRO1 11 biglead:

    • 1 flexible instrument rack, made with two square oscillators. The 2nd one is tuned one octave lower plus a 5th. Added PWM LFO for movement. No filtering so that digital filtering can applied in Sampler/Simpler in Ableton.
  • PRO1 11a-g biglead: 7 instrument racks ⭐

    • Same waveforms/oscillators as above but with the Pro-1 analog filtering and various filter and amplifier envelopes.
    • More details about the settings used in the Readme.txt file of the pack

⭐ some sounds of this pack are available for Free in a degraded version

The Free and non-Free sounds packs, can all be downloaded on my Patreon below, and they are of course royalty-free. Add the 'free' filter on Patreon to see only the free ones, no login is required:

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Behringer Pro-1 analog drum kits

When you're looking for that next step in your drum kit, you might find yourself looking for something that is unique and not like anything you've eared before. You're probably looking for something that will help you to stand out from the rest.

That's why in addition to the beautiful analog sampled sounds above, I've created a few analog electronic drum kits, with the help of my Behringer Pro-1.

List of sounds (3 Drum Kits packs):

  • PRO1a-Kit: 1 Analog Drum rack

    • A drum rack, made only with Behringer Pro-1 samples. 13 drum hits.
  • PRO1b-Kit: 1 Analog Drum rack

    • Another drum rack, made only with Behringer Pro-1 samples. 14 drum hits.
  • Kicks-PRO1: 16 analog kicks created with the Pro-1

    • Kicks 1-5: Classic analog kicks
    • Kicks 6-10: Smoother analog kicks, more like 808s
    • Kicks 11-16: Longer and more extreme analog kicks
    • Kick PRO-1.adg: Ableton Live drum rack with 16 kicks
    • Kick PRO-1 Rack.adg: Ableton Live drum rack with 16 kicks with a shaper to add even more character.

All the samples for the analog drums kits are in the Samples/Recorded directory and can be used with any DAW, Groovebox or MPC.

If you need more drumkits, take a look at my Alesis SR-16 sampled drum kits.

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  • PRO1 ableton instrument pack presets list

To listen to some of these sound packs, go to my YouTube channel here:

  • Analog Synth Samples YouTube playlist

Or my Soundcloud playlist:

  • SHLD samples and sound packs

If you have analog sample pack suggestions, feel free to contact me below or on my Patreon!

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