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Published: Thu 25 January 2024
Updated: Thu 25 January 2024 by Ludo In Music

Unleash Sonic Wonders: Introducing all SHLD's Free Synth Sample packs!

Hey Groovy Music Creators! Are you ready to immerse yourselves in a world of unparalleled sonic delights? Picture this: free killer sounds meticulously crafted from great sounding synths like the Behringer Pro-1, Korg Minilogue XD, Arturia Minifreak, and Korg Wavestate, all ready to elevate your tracks to the next dimension.

Let's take a closer look at what the SHLD sampled instrument packs bring to the table:

  • Compatibility with your favorite DAW on PC, Mac or iPad, thanks to SFZ sample presets.
  • Seamless integration with Ableton Live 10 or 11 Sampler and Simpler.
  • Impeccably sampled in 16 or 24 bits.
  • Multisampled to capture every intricate detail.
  • 100% royalty-free, allowing you to use them in your sound design projects or music productions however you please.

The SHLD experience doesn't end there. By supporting me on Patreon (for the cost of a cup of coffee β˜•), you'll unlock access to a treasure trove of sounds from the Pro-1, Minilogue xd, Minifreak, and Korg Wavestate, all neatly packaged into SFZ and Ableton sample packs. It's a musical feast that keeps growing every month – and yes, there are 100% free sound samples up for grabs, no strings attached.

All the Free Packs

Now, let's unveil the treasure trove of free sample packs at your fingertips! Get ready to explore the musical wonders that await you as we dive into the list of available freebies.

Free Synth samples: Behringer Pro-1

SHLD PRO1 SFZ sound pack with Sfizz VST

  • PRO1 61 greenpad: 2 instruments

    • Classic pads with 2 analog detuned triangle waves, processed with a Chorus-Delay-Reverb chain.
  • PRO1 11a-b biglead: 2 instrument racks

    • Same waveforms/oscillators as above but with the Pro-1 analog filtering and various filter and amplifier envelopes.
    • More details about the settings used in the Readme.txt file of the pack

Free Analog drum kit samples: Behringer Pro-1

  • PRO1a-Kit: 1 Analog Drum rack
    • A drum rack, made only with Behringer Pro-1 samples. 13 drum samples.

Free SR16 drum kits

  • 9 Free sampled Alesis SR-16 drum kits. Don't be fooled by the names of the drums kits, they really do sound like no other 😁
    • Drumset02: Rock 3
    • Drumset03: Rock 4
    • Drumset33: Country 3
    • Drumset34: CountryRock
    • Drumset35: Rockabilly
    • Drumset36: Jazz 1
    • Drumset37: Jazz 2
    • Drumset38: Dixie
    • Drumset39: Polka

Free Minifreak Presets and Samples

Free Korg Wavestate Presets and Samples

To listen to some of these sound packs, head to my YouTube channel here:

  • Analog Synth Samples YouTube playlist

If you're in search of distinctive synth samples to elevate your music production, and you haven't quite found what you're after here, don't hesitate to reach out. Feel free to drop me a message below or on my Patreon – whether you crave the timeless warmth of classic analog or the cutting-edge brilliance of digital tones! πŸŽΆπŸ”Š

LD. --

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