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Published: Sat 24 April 2021
Updated: Sun 07 January 2024 by Ludo In Music
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Are you on a quest to find the best SFZ player for your collection of free sampled instruments? Your search ends here! I've discovered the perfect solution, and the best part? It's completely free!

There are many SFZ Players available. Some free, some not so free. So which one to choose? At the beginning I used Sforzando which is not bad in terms of compatibility, but that was before... 😁

...Before I started to make sampled instrument packs myself.

To have maximum compatibility with all DAWs, I chose the SFZ sampling format of course. But when I started to add Sustain Loops to the instruments, I could see that only one SFZ Player supported them correctly, and this player is Sfizz.👌

sfizz interface

Being a royalty-free format, any developer can create, use and distribute SFZ files and players for either free or commercial purposes. So SFZ is the obvious choice, when looking for flexibility and portability.

Sfizz plugins are Free and developed by a community of enthusiasts, you can download the latest version here.

Especially for version 1.0 plugins:

It also works in Linux of course.

Playing SFZ Files on iPad: Discover iSfizz

For those wondering if it's possible to play SFZ files on an iPad, IsFizz is the answer.

This new app, a mobile port of the sfizz-ui project by Ryouta Kira, supports the open text format for sampled sound instruments, making it a breeze to use on iOS devices. It allows for editing SFZ strings, supports various audio file formats like .wav, .mp3, and .flac, and integrates as an AUv3 plugin. Unique features include direct SFZ file loading without copying, intuitive value editing with taps, and Scala tuning file support.

The IsFizz App is an affordable option and, moreover, it contributes significantly to the SFZ community by donating approximately half of its proceeds to the SFZ Tools team.

I really recommend Sfizz and iSfizz if you want to play my analog synth samples correctly, and many other free sound libraries, like FreePats ones.

Comment below if you know a better SFZ player!

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