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Published: Sun 20 February 2022
Updated: Wed 14 December 2022 by Ludo In Music

The Alesis SR16 is a classic drum machine that has been used by many musicians and producers in the industry. It is the perfect drum machine for anyone looking for 90s drum sounds.

14/12: new drum kits added for Ableton and all DAWs in SFZ format!

This 90s Classic Drum Machine has been carefully sampled using 4 velocity layers.

This classic 16 bits machine features a great selection of 233 realistic, natural stereo drum sounds, and multi-samples were used for some sounds. The original advert said, "no matter how much money you spend you cannot buy a better drum machine". 😉 My unit was built in 1996.

The sound mapping chosen is the General MIDI one like the original, and each drumset has 12 sounds:

  • Kick: C1
  • Snare: D1
  • Closed Hat: F#1
  • Open Hat: A#1
  • Claps: D#1
  • Perc 2: G3
  • Tom 1: C2
  • Tom 2: A1
  • Tom 3: F1
  • Ride: D#2
  • Crash: C#2
  • Perc 1: F3

The SHLD sampled drums packs are:

  • sampled in 16 or 24bits
  • multisampled to capture all details
  • compatible with any DAW thanks to SFZ sample presets
  • compatible with Ableton Live 10 or 11 Sampler and also Simpler
  • available for all my supporters on my Patreon, but some drum kits are 100% free with slightly degraded sound quality.

And if you support me on Patreon for the price of a coffee ☕, you have access to all my SFZ samples and Ableton drum kits and instruments packs, current and future! Lucky bunch eh? 😁

Download SR16 packs

Go to my YouTube channel below, and you'll hear that, these drum samples can be used with pretty any music style:

  • SR-16 sample pack quick demo

Or my Soundcloud playlist:

  • SHLD samples and sound packs

How to use the samples without a DAW

If you don't use Ableton or a PC, you can also import the samples in your DAW or MPC. The WAV samples are located in the Samples/Recorded/DrumsetNN directories.

Each sample name contains the original note used on the SR16, and a velocity number (32,64,96 or 127). See above for the note to sample name relation, for example C1 is always a kick.

Description of the drum sample packs

The following drum kits were sampled from my SR16:

  • Drumset00: Rock 1 (avail to PRO-One Patreons)
  • Drumset01: Rock 2 (avail to PRO-One Patreons)
  • Drumset02: Rock 3 1
  • Drumset03: Rock 4 1
  • Drumset04: Rock 5
  • Drumset05: Rock 6
  • Drumset06: Rock 7
  • Drumset07: HardRock 1
  • Drumset08: HardRock 2
  • Drumset09: HardRock 3
  • Drumset10: R&B 1
  • Drumset11: R&B 2
  • Drumset12: R&B 3
  • Drumset13: Funk 1
  • Drumset14: Funk 2
  • Drumset15: Blues 1
  • Drumset16: Blues 2
  • Drumset17: Rap 1
  • Drumset18: Rap 2
  • Drumset19: Rap 3
  • Drumset20: Techno 1
  • Drumset21: Techno 2
  • Drumset22: Techno 3
  • Drumset23: Reggae 1
  • Drumset24: Reggae 2

  • more kits soon!

If you have sample pack or Ableton drum packs requests, feel free to contact me below or on my Patreon!

And if you like great analog sounds, check my PRO-1 samples and instruments!

  1. Free drumkit download! Direct link to all free samples 

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