SHLD sample packs - Alesis SR-16 multi-samples

Published: Sun 20 February 2022
Updated: Sun 12 June 2022 by Ludo In Music

The Alesis SR16 is a classic drum machine that has been used by many musicians and producers in the industry. It is the perfect drum machine for anyone looking for 90s drum sounds.

4/21: new drum kits added for Ableton and SFZ formats!

This 90s Classic Drum Machine has been carefully sampled using 4 velocity layers.

This classic 16 bits machine features a great selection of 233 realistic, natural stereo drum sounds, and multi-samples were used for some sounds. The original advert said, "no matter how much money you spend you cannot buy a better drum machine". 😉 My unit was built in 1996.

The sound mapping chosen is the General MIDI one like the original, and each drumset has 12 sounds:

  • Kick: C1
  • Snare: D1
  • Closed Hat: F#1
  • Open Hat: A#1
  • Claps: D#1
  • Perc 2: G3
  • Tom 1: C2
  • Tom 2: A1
  • Tom 3: F1
  • Ride: D#2
  • Crash: C#2
  • Perc 1: F3

The SHLD sampled instrument packs are:

  • sampled in 16 or 24bits
  • multisampled to capture all details
  • compatible with any DAW thanks to SFZ sample presets
  • compatible with Ableton Live 10 or 11 Sampler and also Simpler
  • available for all my supporters on my Patreon, but some soundpacks are 100% free with slightly degraded sound quality.

And if you support me on Patreon for the price of a coffee ☕, you have access to all my SFZ samples and Ableton drum kits and instruments packs, current and future! Lucky bunch eh? 😁

Download SR16 packs

Go to my YouTube channel below, and you'll hear that, these drum samples can be used with pretty any music style:

  • SR-16 sample pack quick demo

Or my Soundcloud playlist:

  • SHLD samples and sound packs

How to use the samples without a DAW

If you don't use Ableton or a PC, you can also import the samples in your DAW or MPC. The WAV samples are located in the Samples/Recorded/DrumsetNN directories.

Each sample name contains the original note used on the SR16, and a velocity number (32,64,96 or 127). See above for the note to sample name correspondence, for example C1 is always a kick.

Description of the drum samples

The following drum kits were sampled from my SR16:

  • Drumset00: Rock 1
  • Drumset01: Rock 2
  • Drumset10: RnB 1
  • Drumset11: RnB 2
  • Drumset17: Rap 1
  • Drumset18: Rap 2
  • Drumset19: Rap 3
  • more kits soon!

If you have sample pack requests, feel free to contact me below or on my Patreon!

And if you like great analog sounds, check my PRO-1 samples and instruments!

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