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Published: Tue 14 November 2023
Updated: Fri 24 November 2023 by Ludo In Music

Hello, fellow music creators! Are you looking for original synth tones to take your tracks to the next level? The SHLD Wavestate Sampled Synth Packs are precisely what you need! These packs contain carefully designed and refined recordings from my Korg Wavestate, delivering unique blended organic and synthetic sounds.

The Korg Wavestate with its innovative Wave Sequencing 2.0, coupled with an extensive library of waveforms and samples, empowers users to craft mesmerizing and evolving ambient textures and lush pads that transcend conventional sonic boundaries. The expressive control options, offer unparalleled depth and subtlety, allowing musicians to sculpt ethereal soundscapes that captivate listeners with their emotive depth and atmospheric beauty.

But that comes at a price: it takes ages to harness this power! This is where my Wavestate Presets and Sample packs will help you.

The SHLD Wavestate presets and sampled instrument packs are:

  • available as Presets files, with performance knobs mapped, if you're a lucky owner of the Wavestate or the Wavestate Native plugin
  • AND multi-sampled in 16 or 24bits from hardware (no Wavestate needed!)
  • compatible with your DAW and iPad thanks to SFZ sample presets
  • compatible with Ableton Live 10 or 11 Sampler and also Simpler
  • 100% royalty free for use in your sound design projects or music productions, in any way you like.

Yes, you read correctly, unlike other preset packs, I multi-sampled the Wavestate, so you can use these sounds easily on your DAW or MPC!

Korg Wavestate Presets and Samples: 7 PADS / Ambient Soundscapes

With the Wavestate sound design capabilities, users can dive into intricate sound shaping, and what better way to showcase the depth of this synth than with pads?

I'm just starting to sample and craft new sounds with it, and I expect to use it more and more as I am an ambient music lover. The 'Ana' series of patches are based on a Virtual Analog layer, plus more atmospheric layers that can be organic textures and samples, and some gritty or saturated tones.

  • ⭐🕺 Free patches and samples
    • 3 Virtual analog + digital sonic landscapes
      • ana1a MistyMountain
      • ana1b MossyForest
      • ana1c ElectricRain
    • 1 Complex pad I used on my title called Endless
  • 🥇 Patches available to supporting Patreons of the 2nd tier and above
    • 3 Virtual analog + digital sonic landscapes
      • ana2a BlissfulSpace
      • ana2b AncientRuins
      • ana2c EmeraldValley

The EmeraldValley samples feature an additional expression layer. You can enable the layer with the Red 'Sample Selector' knob under Live, or by sending a CC1 Midi message with the SFZ version.

The downloads are available to my Patreons here:

Download Wavestate packs

To allow for intuitive real-time manipulation and expressive performance, the Wavestate performance knobs, and joystick, on the presets are assigned this way, whenever possible:

  • 1/Master: closes the filter
  • 2/Timing: faster movements between sounds in Sample Lane or Seq Lane modulations.
  • 3/Sample: adds movement between samples and more samples
  • 4/Pitch: adds detune and/or increases chorus/flanger effects
  • 5/Shape: adds fast filter modulation
  • 6/Gate: increase attack/release
  • 7/StepSeq: increase filter resonance
  • 8/Speed: increase LFO speeds
  • Mod wheel: depends on the preset, can be anything ;)

If you prefer more classic sounds, check my packs based on the Minilogue XD and the Arturia Minifreak.

LD. --

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