• Ableton Live Lite vs Intro

    Ableton Live Lite and Intro are two limited versions of Ableton Live that are very useful if you are starting out in computer music. You are hesitating between Lite and Intro? Here are the differences between these two versions.

    Ableton Live is a reference in the world of music production …

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  • Mixing and Mastering tutorials

    You want to learn how to Mix or Master your first song or album?

    What is music mastering?

    Mastering in music is the final step in the recording process where a mix is refined and processed to optimize its sonic characteristics and prepare it for distribution or release. During the …

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  • Live Looping with Ableton Live - 5 ways to do fixed length recording

    Are you struggling to succeed with your live looping performance on Ableton? Here are my quick tips if you want to loop real instruments, like guitars, analog synthesizers, in a live set, and do not miss a beat. The ultimate guide to looping with Ableton Live!

    What is fixed length …

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  • Korg SQ64 vs Arturia Beatstep Pro

    The Korg SQ-64 and the Arturia Beatstep Pro share a few things: a compact form factor and standalone multitrack sequencer with CV outputs! So how do you decide for one or the other?

    Both are sold in the same price range, below $200 or 250 euros for the SQ-64 and …

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  • My recommended blogs and web sites for music

    Ableton Live Stuff

    • The Ableton Forum is always the 1st place to check if you have Ableton related questions

    General Music tips

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