Should I upgrade to Ableton Live 11?

Published: Wed 05 May 2021 by Ludo In Music

Ableton Live 11 is the latest version of a digital audio workstation (DAW) that has been around for over 20 years. It's a complete software package that includes all the tools you need to record and perform electronic music, including MIDI sequencing, electronic drums and virtual analog synths. New features in Live 11 continue to expand its capabilities as a leading live performance and studio production tool, making it an excellent choice for any type of music production or performance...

As you would expect from this pro software, it has thousands of features; some that you probably didn’t even know existed. But these are the key features that push it into the legendary status this software deserves.

Compare lots of takes at the same time

Have you ever wondered if you could record lots of ‘takes’ and then compare them all next to each other? Well, now you can! You can do it with your music or other free DJ music. Live will let you record lots of takes and then put them all in different ‘lanes’ on the screen. You can then select the best bits of each take and use all the bits as a single, final track.

Live 11 comping

Live tempo sync

Send a live feed into Ableton and it will sync in real-time! You are now an instrument in the band. You can tune into them, rather than the other way around.

There is now an element of chance

Live music isn’t perfect. Slight differences between each note make it interesting. Ableton 11 now has a ‘chance’ feature that adds an element of randomness to drum beats and notes. It just makes everything seem a bit more human.

There are 3 new instrument packs and curated collections

Ableton has added an upright piano pack, a brass quartet pack and a string quartet as well as 3 new curated collections which are instruments, clips and samples. On top of this, 6 new instruments and effects have been introduced that are inspired by nature and developed with Dillon Bastan.

MIDI Polyphonic Expression is now possible

Ableton calls it ‘MPE’, but basically it means you can manipulate and twist notes in real-time, right on the best controllers for Ableton live. You can adjust pressure and velocity on individual notes as they are playing.

Rafts of new devices have been added

There is a full list of the devices that have been added to the Ableton website. Pitchloop89, Spectral time and Hybrid reverb have all been included.

Is it worth Upgrading to Live 11?

All in all, this latest offering from Ableton is just as incredible as the last version of Live. The new comping, MPE and randomization features are great and Live offers even more efficiency and simplified workflow than ever before. Ableton don’t seem to put a foot wrong, and this latest version is no exception.

Comment below with the new Live 11 feature that made you upgrade ;)

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