Convert your Korg Prologue patches to the Minilogue XD

Published: Fri 24 September 2021
Updated: Sat 24 September 2022 by Ludo In Music

Do Prologue patches work on the Minilogue xd? How to convert Korg Prologue Patches to the Minilogue XD? It's now possible with this Free converter script made by Boochow!

There are a lot of cool sounds on the Korg Prologue, and you may have noticed that the Prologue and the Minilogue XD have a similar architecture? That's why Boochow made a Python script, available on Github, allowing to convert Prologue patches (in prlgprog format) into Minilogue XD patches.

Download on Github

Under Windows simply use the .exe files in a console, in a directory where you have Prologue patches:

$ prlg2mnlgxd.exe filename.prlgprog

You will have to install Python 3.x if you are on a Mac or Linux:

$ python3 filename.prlgprog

And the script will output a file filename.mnlgxdprog, that you'll import into your Minilogue.

Not all patches will be converted perfectly, and Boochow made a little video that shows the differences. You'll find there also a zip file containing the Prologue factory patches for the Minilogue XD.

I think the Minilogue XD is one of the best small analog synthesizers on the market, and this new script makes it even more interesting. For more info, you can read my comparison Minilogue XD vs Deepmind 6 here.


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