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Published: Sat 20 June 2020 by Ludo In Marketing Translations: fr

You are launching a website to sell music products, samples, VST? But how to quickly find qualified emails when you start from scratch, without an existing customer base? Growth Hacking techniques can help you...

When you start with Facebook ads, you often find yourself with the problem of finding the right targeting. You can try targeting by interest, but often the best targeting is to use a Lookalike Facebook audience to people who have visited your website or have already subscribed to services.

email extraction

This works very well if you have installed the Facebook Pixel on your website, and that you already have a lot of traffic. But if you don't have any traffic, you'll have to spend money on Facebook Ads to generate traffic and drive the Pixel, and that can take a long time...

Maybe you have a list of mails from an old Business? Then you can create a similar Facebook audience from your email list. This way of doing things is GDPR compliant because you will not use these addresses to send offers, and this data is "hashed" before being processed by Facebook. You are not handling not emails, but data condensates hashes.

It's just a similar audience, and any prospects from your original your original mailing list will never be included in it, and will never be retargeted.

LookAlike / Facebook like audiences, and public source of mails

Oh, but you're just starting out, and you don't have a list of email addresses related to your domain either? No problem, it can be fixed...

This is where the "Growth Hackers" come in, a kind of marketers who use unusual methods to create targeted** audiences from nothing or almost nothing.

growth hacking

The goal is to extract email addresses through different channels, such as lists of lists of users of Facebook Groups, Google searches, Linked-in, etc. for which there are many tools sometimes Underground like, theHarvester, Maltego, SERP digger, etc.

All this is combined with techniques for generating pseudo-random emails, and Fuzzing techniques.

I remind you that all these tools have existed for more than 20 or 30 years, but that their use for Facebook Ads, or Snapchat Ads (which also has a similar audience feature), is actually quite recent, by some quite talented marketers. But before these tools were used mainly to send spam :(

Efficiency, Speed

At the end, via a mail address generator script, they get a list of perfectly usable mails for a similar usable for a similar Facebook audience, and with a targeting often better than a list bought at a high price from an advertising agency. It is therefore the combination of several hacking techniques, which allows to virtually extract emails from Facebook groups, or other social networks.

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