Behringer Proton vs Neutron

Published: Sun 06 March 2022
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Behringer has just announced the Proton! The semi-modular analog synth Neutron still has a lot of good days ahead of it but it still sees its evolution named Proton. So what are the differences between the Proton and the Neutron?

Behringer is starting to clone itself, as it humorously announced, and will soon release the Proton, a more powerful and complex version than the Neutron released in 2018.

The Behringer Proton should be sold for 300 euros or dollars like its predecessor, as soon as Behringer will have solved its small problems of supply in electronic components. According to various sources, the estimated release date is October 2023.

Behringer Proton and Neutron differences

You are probably wondering if the Proton brings a lot of novelties, and if it is better to wait for its release, or why not, to buy a used Neutron instead?

To help you in this choice here is a table summarizing the main specifications and differences between the Neutron and Proton:

Features Neutron Proton
Oscillators 2 with 5 wave-forms 2 with 5 wave-forms
Paraphonic and Sync Mode yes yes
Sub-Oscillators 0 2
Multi-Mode filters 1 2 (series or parallel)
ASR envelopes 0 2 with looping, reverse, inverse, bounce options
ADSR envelopes 2 2
LFOs 1 with 5 waveforms 2 with 5 waveforms
Wave folder no yes
Analog BBD Delay yes no
Sample & Hold yes no
Overdrive yes no
Noise Generator yes yes
Patch bay points 56 64
Knobs and direct controls 43 68

Is the Behringer Proton worth it?

Compared to the Neutron, we can see that the Proton has both gained and lost some interesting options in terms of sound design.

With the addition of a Wave folder, a 2nd filter, usable in series or in parallel, sub-oscillators, and envelopes that can loop, with the Proton you have all the elements to create quite incredible sounds. There are very few analog synths with 2 filters that can be connected in series or parallel.

However, the Behringer Proton lost the delay and distortion effects of the Neutron. This is quite normal, there was no room for more buttons on the front panel! 😁 You will have to add an external effects pedal to get them back.

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