• Novation Circuit Tracks or Circuit Rhythm?

    Novation announced two new Circuits at the same time. The Circuit Tracks and the Circuit Rhythm are both designed to be portable, compact, and easy to use groove boxes. They share many features, so if you want to know which model would suit you best, read this comparison guide.

    Updated …

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  • Should I upgrade to Ableton Live 11?

    Ableton Live 11 is the latest version of a digital audio workstation (DAW) that has been around for over 20 years. It's a complete software package that includes all the tools you need to record and perform electronic music, including MIDI sequencing, electronic drums and virtual analog synths. New features …

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  • The best SFZ sample players

    Are you on a quest to find the best SFZ player for your collection of free sampled instruments? Your search ends here! I've discovered the perfect solution, and the best part? It's completely free!

    There are many SFZ Players available. Some free, some not so free. So which one to …

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  • Ableton Live Lite vs Intro

    Choosing the right version of Ableton Live is crucial for music producers, and this guide offers a detailed comparison between Ableton Live Lite and Ableton Live Intro. Understand the differences in features, limitations, and suitability for different production levels, making it easier to decide which version aligns best with your …

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  • Mixing and Mastering tutorials

    You want to learn how to Mix or Master your first song or album?

    What is music mastering?

    Mastering in music is the final step in the recording process where a mix is refined and processed to optimize its sonic characteristics and prepare it for distribution or release. During the …

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